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Comfortable Does Not Mean Frumpy

One major reason why I started this blog is to dispel and discourage the belief that being a mother means having zero style. Personal style should not stop as soon as a child comes into your life. Yes, it will change, but it shouldn't entirely leave. Getting dressed everyday is important not only for me to have 10 minutes to myself but also to allow me to sustain my identity. I know the reason so many parents (men included, just substitute sweats where I write yoga pants) is comfort, affordability, and ease. Let me tell you, it takes me the same amount of time to pick out a cute outfit as it does to dig out a pair of yoga pants. I am a mother of three, I have to dress for work everyday, and my husband travels can be done, I promise. 
Let me just say I'm not trying to be snotty or anything like that, I'm just sad when I hear a mom friend of mine feel unhealthy, unkept, or unattractive. If you feel great in yoga pants, by all means, wear them, however, if yo…

Sunday Blues

Sunday is my very favorite day of the week. It is the one day we are not running around like crazy and we try really hard to keep it as low key as possible. Same applies to my wardrobe. This Sunday included two of my essential pieces of a wardrobe: a pair of dark skinny jeans and a light blue Oxford button down. The latter is so very versatile for casual days and work days. This Oxford I picked up at my local thrift store for $1 in the kids' section (a benefit to being small busted), skinny jeans from a local consignment store for $8, scarf from Forever 21, JCrew camp socks on clearance for $4, and the coveted Bean boots, which I scored a year ago from my local thrift for $3. Comfortable can be cute and cheap!

Ringing in 2015...

I've been blogging for quite a while but have hit a bit of a stale spot. As 2014 is ending, I needed to expand my creative horizons a bit and with a little encouragement from a friend, I decided to start this blog. I love clothes, really, really love clothes. Everyday I look forward to waking up and choosing how I'm putting myself out there in the wide world. I dress for no one but myself, and believe that the combination of clothes and confidence illustrate who I am. However, I do not like being brand crazy or spending a ton of money. I am a mother of three so functionality, comfort, and style are key to my everyday.
Like the internet needs yet another fasion blog, right?! But here's what sets this little space of mine apart: I come from a long line of thrifters. I remember Sundays in my Aunt Betty's enormous Cadillac searching local thrift stores for treasures and that thrill has never left me. And, to be honest, I have a bit of thrifting magic, like the Kate Spade …