Ringing in 2015...

I've been blogging for quite a while but have hit a bit of a stale spot. As 2014 is ending, I needed to expand my creative horizons a bit and with a little encouragement from a friend, I decided to start this blog. I love clothes, really, really love clothes. Everyday I look forward to waking up and choosing how I'm putting myself out there in the wide world. I dress for no one but myself, and believe that the combination of clothes and confidence illustrate who I am. However, I do not like being brand crazy or spending a ton of money. I am a mother of three so functionality, comfort, and style are key to my everyday.
Like the internet needs yet another fasion blog, right?! But here's what sets this little space of mine apart: I come from a long line of thrifters. I remember Sundays in my Aunt Betty's enormous Cadillac searching local thrift stores for treasures and that thrill has never left me. And, to be honest, I have a bit of thrifting magic, like the Kate Spade kitten heels I found at my local thrift store, barely worn for $4. Crazy, I know. In addition to my love for shopping, I also strongly believe in giving back, so the combination of spending at a local charity thrift store fills both those loves.
I can also be found roaming the racks of my local consignment stores, as I love clearing out my closet to make room for new rags and not spending too much money doing so. I tend to be a bit brand specific when it comes to consignment, as I do feel certain brands hold up a bit better than others. Again, it feels good to support these local businesses and I'm so very lucky to have a plethora of consingment stores to choose from.
Also, I spent many years working as a Stylist for a major brand and I learned that EVERYTHING goes on sale. I rarely pay full price for anything and it is a joke in my family that Mum won't buy anything unless it has a red sticker on it, hence, recycled or red lines rags.
So, here's to new beginnings....
(The pictured outfit is my new favorite: a white tutu skirt I picked up on sale for $20, a consigned cashmere sweater, seriously reduced Kate Spade knot bracelet, and my mum's holiday gift of a rose gold Michael Kors watch that I've been pining for...not pictured my $4 Kate Spade treasures!)


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