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Week of Pinterest Outfits, Day 3

Loved this look and while working at Plum, found an adorable cream top with pleated details that I could not resist for $7.  All clothing from Plum consignment, boots from Target. Total cost of this look: $27.

Week of Pinterest Outfits, Day 2

A while back, my favorite thrift store had a beautiful tartan blanket scarf for a dollar. I bought it but could not quite figure out what to do with it because it was too big for a scarf and I just wasn't digging the whole poncho look. While cleaning out my closet, I found it and wanted to try again. Entered "blanket scarf" over at my beloved Pinterest and voila  I loved this but knew my body type was a bit more full than this girls so tried this one instead Now, I'll tell you, I went through all my belts and mumbled some bad words while trying to belt the massive scarf. Not an easy task! However, I decided on my glittery bow belt This is probably not an outfit I'd wear much, but for a cold, snowy day like yesterday, it worked. Dollar well spent, I'd say! 

A Week of Pinterest Outfits, Day 1

Someone asked me the other day where I get my outfit ideas. It's truly a combination of my creative desire to express myself with what I have and Pinterest. Oftentimes, I will enter an item in the search bar and so many different combinations come up. For example, I took on the daunting task of cleaning out my husband's closet and before I knew it, I had to be at work. My hair was dirty and I remembered I had a brown floppy hat that could cover my mess and still make it to work on time. I put "brown floppy hat" in the search engine and found this image:  I have a chambray shirt, back pants, and brown booties. Dirty hair problem solved in style!  So, for this week, I will be recreating outfits that are inspired by Pinterest. If you're inclined, follow me on Pinterest, my favorite place to kill time and check out! 

A Few of my Favorite Things, Skin care edition

These are a few of my current favorite things: 
it Cosmetics under eye concealer is AMAZING, I'm not kidding. I've used a concealer that I thought I loved for years, until I tried this one. Worth every single penny and I love that it has an easy applicator and SPF 50. (see here)
Murad Correcting Moisturizer not only smells delicious but is so beneficial for my sensitive Irish skin in the winter. The natural ingredients soothe it and the green helps to manage my rosacea outbreaks. (see here)
No. 7 Protect and Perfect Advanced is always sold out for a reason, it does the job. Within 10 days, I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin. It tightens the skin, corrects dark spots, and protects without being heavy, greasy, or gross. (see here)
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil took me a while to be sold on. I read about it everywhere but could not imagine using oil to clean my face. I have larger pores and feared the oil would drip into them and my teenage acne would be back in full force. However…

Pleather Weather

Stepped out of my comfort zone a few weeks back and bought a pair of pleather leggings. Must admit, I've fallen pretty hard for them. This was my casual Boxing Day outfit (returning a pair Sorels because I found a pair for a quarter of the price!) I'm not a huge legging girl but like the versatility for casual or more edgy outfits with the pleather leggings. I've worn them on date nights or errands with geeks or sneakers. I'm all about getting many outfits out of one item. Here's a few other ways I love them, courtesy of Pinterest. I'm slightly addicted to Pinterest, best free magazine ever. 😉

Casually Ringing in the New Year

Long are the nights of New Year's Eve parties for this gal. I prefer celebrating at home with my glass of champagne and family. I do, however, do this home partying in style.  I now spend my Saturdays working at Plum Consignment and while helping a customer style an outfit for NYE, I decided to do a post here. Just because you're home, doesn't mean style has to be out on the town. Even sweats can be styled!  I'm a huge fan of joggers and loved this cable knit sweater. 
A lace peplum top, statement necklace, boyfriend jeans, and cute heels brings a little fancy to the night.  Cashmere wrap around with boyfriend jeans not only comfortable but irrestible to touch. 😉 This one was my favorite and one I'll probably replicate it for the night. Lace sequined skirt, chambray top, and cream cable knit. I'd also pair it with a bauble necklace. 
All items seen here from Plum Consignment (minus the cashmere wrap) that was my present to myself! If you're local, stop by…

Weekly faves

Favorite work outfit: J.Crew leopard shirt, Old Navy fix sweater (my students love this sweater), H&M green pants, Target necklace, and yes I wear shoes to work, loafers I scored for $7 at Target
Friday is jeans day at work and it being an unseasonable 60 degrees, I was finally able to wear this wool poncho I scored at Target (in the kids department), coupled with my favorite Lotta clogs. 
Headed out for a girls weekend with my mum and my girls and as luck would have it, our hotel is located very close to an amazing Goodwill! We have fancy plans and am excited to share my $5 outfit. Happy weekend, my friends.

Our Eight Nights of Rememberance

For the past few months, my son has been constantly asking about my stepfather, Simon, who passed away last Spring. He has only a few memories of him but for some reason has an affinity for this man whom I loved dearly. My son has his "lucky necklace" which is a penny from my stepfather's house on a piece of string. He has a special stash of odds and ends that I was ready to throw away but he found as treasures in his treasure box. My son will randomly ask things like, "y'know I really like collecting rocks. Did Zeidi collect rocks, too?" He doesn't understand that we were not blood related but more and more, I realize that made no difference. Simon loved me as his own the first time I met him when I was 8 years old and it's such an odd gift for my son to be so fixated on him. I love remembering him, but it also makes my heart ache with longing. 
When Hanukkah rolled around, my son was adamant about celebrating because Simon was Jewish. (He doesn'…

Keeping the Holidays Simple

I'm writing this post mainly for a reminder to myself to find my focus about the holidays. It is too easy to go overboard with gifts and I am superbly guilty of that, especially when it comes to my kids. Last year, Devin and I went bananas with the kids. It was an attempt to give them a bit of joy while grieving and as we found out, nothing can fill that hole. That being said, I'm sticking to a four gift guide for the kiddos this year, like I used to when they were little.
They decide the items for each category and it limits me to these 4 items. There are a ton of free printables on Pinterest, some geared to younger kids as well. 
Believe it or not, I'm almost done with my shopping. Having these guidelines makes the wandering aisles less and direct ordering so much easier. I feel like so much focus is put on the dollar amount of things and less about the thoughtfulness of gifts. The holidays should not be about all of this, right?! It should be about love, family, giving…

Holiday Party Favorites

That season is upon us friends of holiday shindigs! Let's be honest, this is an expensive time of year. I'd rather spend my money on thoughtful gifts than an outfit I'll never, ever wear again. I love consignment and thrift stores to find my holiday attire. Fun fact: my junior prom dress, a midnight blue sequin number even came from a thrift store!  This skirt hits the ground with a beautiful pleat. I love this number. Skirt, vintage $8, cashmere bow sweater $10, and Kate Spade shoes $4.  For a less formal, flirty look, swap out the plaid for sequins. Skirt, $5. More sequins here. JCrew sweater, $10, JCrew wool plaid pants, $2, and sparkly gold shoes $20.  This one is this years find. Every year, the mister and I head to Chicago for his company holiday party. I saw this dress at my local thrift store, tried it on, and could not resist. It was shortly after I watched "Age of Adaline", which has amazing styling, and I just new this was my number for the Windy City…

Family Photo Styling

I'm a bit late to this game, as I swore last year was my final year of doing holiday cards. However, this year rolled around and I just can't imagine not sending one out, despite the cost and the environmental waste. It's just a tradition I can't quite shed yet. That being said, our holiday photo shoot was last minute and as it was somewhat planned, my youngest put a wrench in those plans. More to come on that, but I thought I'd share my method of styling a family photo.

1. Find your inspiration. These two flower crowns were my inspiration for this year's photograph. I picked them up at Claire's on super clearance for $2 each and I just love them.

2. Find your location. Ours was, as usual, the beach.
3. Find your color scheme. The blushes in the flower crown were my basis for the color palette with a blue accent because my son will only wear one button up shirt. We found a leopard dress on uber clearance at Target that Bea loved so I tried to match the warm…

Mink Muffs for the win

No pun intended, but hands down, this color is a late fall favorite. Mink Muffs by Essie for the festive Turkey Day win. 🦃Matches my husband's to die for gravy. 🦃

Sunday Word Sermon: Break the Rules

Happened upon this billboard while having a little day of shopping with my mom and it spoke to me. Normally, I'm a rule follower, maybe even to a fault, but with my style, it's my own way of expressing myself as I want to, not by what others think is right or acceptable. I love playing with color, mixing patterns, and combining old and new. Style is personal, unique, and should be a reflection of you, not a cut out of a magazine. 
I was fortunate to be raised by a confident, stylish woman and a man who told me I was smart and beautiful every day. It's not lost on me how this shaped who I am. Confidence is never easy but every time I doubt myself whether it be in an outfit or a situation, I remember my mom always stylish, and my stepdad always the admirer. 
They were both rebels at heart. When I'm mixing leopard and stripes or walking into an event in my $5 thrift store dress and designer shoes, it's a nod to these two. One no longer here to tell me I'm beautiful,…

Treasures of an Afternoon Walk

This chilly fall afternoon begged for a stroll. My eldest daughter and I had some books at the the library to pick up and this photo is the beautiful view from the library entrance. I love this city of mine.  We were not only rewarded with Nature's autumn display, but some discards from a neighbor's yard sale. A small foot stool turned into dog bed fit for our furry queen and these two large prints that just called to me. Free. You never knows the treasures that lie in your own backyard. Happy weekend, may it be filled with joy. 

Monthly Book Recommendations

My love of literature began when with my first book, Ramona and Her Father at the age of four. I have not stopped reading since then. I was an only child who did not like television, I have a very hard time sitting still, to this day I'd rather put my nose in a book than stare at the television. Don't get me wrong, I love certain shows, I'm by no means anti-tv, but books just interest me more. I've had a great streak lately and thought I'd share some of the ones I enjoyed. As you can see, I read a lot of Young Adult titles and I have a blog post planned with some of my favorite Young Adult titles scheduled for next week and why this market is so important. More later, but for now, I loved these titles. I should say, God Help the Child and Sold do not explore easy subjects to read, however, I'm a firm believer in challenging oneself in the pages of a book. If I had to pick 2 favorites this month, it would be, hands down, Counting by 7s and The Small Backs of Ch…

Quick Room Makeover Under $60

As the season changes from the balmy summer to the brisk fall, so too, must some areas of my house. The light burlap curtains must be switched to the heavier, energy saving ones and the warmer pillows come out. I've been itching to do something small with the living room besides a linen change over so as luck would have it, I happened upon a rather zebra print for $12 at Target that inspired a new look for our living room.  I couldn't resist this print and I just love it over the record player.  And who would've thought I'd find a matching zebra head for the coffee table at my local thrift store for $1?! Scored this gold brocade and velvet pillow for a whopping $3, the fur pillows are from last year, which were $5 for the pair. Another favorite find is the animal skull for $9, I've been dying for one but refused to pay over $20 for one. Thanks, Home Goods, for that find.  Lastly, to add some greenery as we enter the dark days of winter, a small house plant from Ho…

Sunday Word Sermon: Be Still My Heart

I'm writing this post from a hospital bed, anxiously waiting to get out of this sterile room and home with my family. My heart gave us all a minor scare, but I'm happy to report that I will be okay with less stress, baby aspirin, and rest. As the doctor said, "your body can't fight anything if it's full of stress. That virus found where it needed to go, and wrapped itself around that heart of yours." The poetic irony of me being admitted  because of a sick heart on the anniversary weekend of my brother's death is not lost on me, believe me. This year is indescribable and I feel every minute of it was making sure everyone else was okay. In doing so, I ignored my own healing. The longer it was ignored, the larger the wound grew. Being consumed by stress and worry for everyone else left me no time to focus on my own healing. I'm taking this ironic infection and learning from it.  I'm letting go of expectations, things I cannot change, and the stress…

Sunday Night Work Week Prep

Sunday's are, by far, my favorite day of the week. However, around 5pm on Sundays, the Monday blues start to set in pretty hard. To beat these dreaded doldrums, I try to shift my mindset to styling rather than getting ready for work. I check the weather, peruse my wardrobe, and try to bring some fun to the preparation of my work week. Makes it much more fun to iron while watching Brooklyn 99 Sunday evenings and saves me oodles of time in the mornings because my outfits are chosen and ready to go.

My Capsule

I've seen this whole capsule wardrobe thing everywhere and I wanted to dig a little deeper.  After reading some articles and perusing Pinterest, I fell in love with this capsule idea. Basically, it's about keeping things simple, having classic pieces and only buying a few seasonal items. In general, my wardrobe is actually pretty small, I'm just fairly good at making many outfits out of what I have in my closet but this capsule thing really inspired me to dig in the recesses of my wardrobe. I filled 2 giant garbage bags and have simplified my wardrobe with things I actually wear. I'm always up for a challenge and I'm excited to see what I can come up with this much smaller wardrobe and what to do with all that new space in my closet!