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Building a Wardrobe Beyond Black

If it is not previously obvious, I am a lover of patterns. Stripes, plaid, polka dots, those are my comfort zones, not basic black. Again, apologies for these gritty, uncropped pictures, but my friends, some days that is just how this blogger rolls. I didn't have time to clear the kids' ski helmet box from the floor before taking this picture because we were out the door to school and work. This is real life, grit, mess, and all.  Now, back to the outfit: when I first returned to work, I had a hard time building a work friendly wardrobe. I spent most of my days in preschools and due to paint and puke, never wore my best clothes. That being said, I was thrilled for the challenge to slowly build a new wardrobe on a slim budget. One thing I found was buying patterns really allows for a greater variance in outfits. For example, this Forever 21 sheer polka dot top can be worn to work with cropped pants and flats or on a date with skinny jeans and heels. The more I can stretch my w…

For the love of wool

Don't mind the terribly gritty photos, my phone has been a bit wonky lately. Need to be better about using my nice camera. Anyhoo, I am a dress and skirt lover, even in the winter. I came across this vintage blue and black checked wool skirt and just fell in love. It was an elastic waist and let's face it, that is never flattering so I found a large belt in the recesses of my closet to add something to the waistband. Paired it with my recent thrift store cashmere sweater find, leopard heels, opaque tights, and a statement necklace. Believe it or not, I was warm, even in below freezing temps. So, before you pass up those grandma skirts, give them a chance, they just need some creativity!
These shoes are my new favorite. I work in an elementary school and do a lot of walking and rarely sit, which is wedge heels are a must. Regular heels are loud in the hallways, prohibit me from getting class to class quickly, and are not as comfortable as wedge heels. Wedge heels give me the a…

Furry kind of day

The weather lately is killing me. I love winter, I really do, but when it is below zero or single digits, I'm done. I hate it. However, this winter I have a new accessory that is keeping me extremely warm. My stylish mother gave me this scarf from a local artist and I can't even begin to tell you how cozy, warm, and comfortable this scarf is. I paired it with a chambray shirt, skinny jeans, and brown suede booties. It was so funny because as I was getting ready, my daughter came down the stairs in an almost identical outfit. She had her chambray shirt on and a brown fur vest I found at our local thrift store. I've lost the privilege of dressing the girls, but it is so very fun to watch them put their own outfits together to express who they are not as my daughters, but as individuals. So, Pippa and I were twins for a day.

If you want to stay extra warm or just want something cozy, the scarf is from ROBINWOODS Design. This post was not sponsored, I just love supporting loc…

Plaidurday: My love of plaid

Coat thrifted $2, scarf Forever 21 $12 There are not enough words for how much I love plaid, really. I'm thrilled its back "in" this winter, although in my humble opinion, it never went "out". I love to mix patterns whether it be stripes and leopard or opposing plaids. I also have a deep sentimental relationship with plaid, my little brother loved buffalo plaid, it was in that print that I last saw him. So, naturally when I saw this sherpa buffalo plaid jacket for $2 at my local thrift store, I bought it. It's been so darn cold here I've barely made it out of my thick coat, but we had an above freezing day, so I grabbed it as I headed to wander the library stacks. In the silence of the library, wrapped in this coat, I felt as if my brother was with me. The best two dollars I ever spent, not only for my closet, but for my heart.

Style Icon: Iris Apfel

On my nightly Pinterest perusing, I came upon one of my style icons, Iris Apfel. I love her for many reasons but what strikes a chord with me is her unabashed desire to be no one but herself. I am a rather reserved person yet have always felt a desire to express myself in some way, whether it be through my writing or my clothes. It has taken me a long time to become comfortable in my own skin. Before having children, I was rail thin. Weight was never an issue, yet I was very insecure. Ironically, as my body morphed into what it is now, which is a larger version of what it was, I am so much more comfortable and confident. I think having children did take away a bit of that insecurity because I had three people who loved me no matter what size I was and having them not only altered my waist line, it altered my self love. I knew happiness did not lie within numbers on a scale. It took me a very long time to get here and there are days I still struggle, but…

First Feature: Plum Consignment

I had the enormous pleasure of spending a quiet morning in my favorite consignment shop, Plum Consignment. I am lucky enough to have this adorable and affordable shop at the end of my street. It was thrilling to watch the progress Pam put into getting Plum up and running from the very beginning. The store is decorated with vintage details and a modern industrial vibe mixed with the rich history of my seaside city. I just love this shop. (I should mention this post is not sponsored, I just really wanted to showcase a local gem.) Pam carries various brands, various sizes, and various styles. You can find Kate Spade or Target items, and all are priced right on point. I've been eyeing that Kate Spade black and gray bag forever, but I do not need one more purse in my closet! (Although there is one calling my name for our Palm Springs trip....)

Due to a large flow of traffic and a weekly consignment walk-in, there is a constant influx  of new items at Plum. Every Wednesday Pam is open …

Sanitary Secondhand Shopping

Recent thrifty finds: houndstooth pants, black clutch, J.Crew sweater, J.Crew wool skirt (new with tags for $5), perfect fit of skinny jeans, and red button skirt. Total was $20.
Let's chat a bit about sanitary secondhand shopping. It is something I know holds many people back from secondhand goodies, so I'm hoping my routine may help to quell those germ nightmares. When I purchase something, I ALWAYS wash it when I get home or if it needs to be dry cleaned, drop it off for a deep cleaning. Once dry, I take a good whiff--I love buying Grandma's sweaters, but I don't want to smell like Grandma! If there is still a little thrift stench, I use a tablespoon of Borax mixed with my usual detergent and give it another wash. Heavy fabrics like wool usually take a few washes to get rid of any smells so I also spritz a bit of a linen spray on them in between each wash. In regards to shoes, if the material allows, I wiped it down with a little rubbing alcohol inside and outside o…

Winter Blues Beat with a $2 Skirt

It's cold in the Northeast and I can't remember the last day the sun made it's glorious appearance. I'm not complaining that much, but I felt the need to brighten my day with a little color. 

Thrifted floral skirt, JNY gingham button down, brown sweater, brown boots. 
For those freezing with me, I promise a little bit of color does lift your mood. Someone told me at work today that my floral skirt reminded her Spring will indeed return. A shared smile over a $2 skirt....

Mixing patterns

Outfit details: leopard flats $15 Nordstroms Rack, gap cords $5, old navy flannel $10, forever 21 scarf $12, my new black glittery phone case dollar store, favorite lipstick of all time Nars heat wave
Life is just way too short to be boring, so be bold and mix it up! This outfit was a last minute grab as I rushed out the door for an appointment. I sat in my car really looking at what I picked out wondering if it worked, and I decided to silence those self doubt whispers. This is a constant battle for so many of us but I've learned that as long as I'm comfortable and confident, that is what looks good.  I don't do resolutions but this year I do have a focus: to just be myself. This new permanent accessory of mine took a lot of guts for me; I have other tattoos but they are easily covered. My tattoos are deeply personal and wearing this one on my sleeve was a big step for me. However, losing my little brother, who was fiercely original and always an individual has torn away …

Ringing in the New Year

2014 was a hard year for us as a family losing two people suddenly who meant the world to us. So, it was fitting that we had a (relatively) quiet night in with tapas, champagne, and a ton of laughter. I've shed a million buckets of tears this year but this family of mine replaces every teardrop with splatters of joy. 2015 is going to be good, it just has to be. I mean, really, what year can be bad when you ring it in with gold glittery shoes?! I bought these shoes for a holiday work party about 3 years ago and I never wear them, but some occasions just call for sparkle Outfit details: glittery shoes Steve Madden, Paige jeans consigned for $20, the most comfortable jean EVER, forever 21 blush top consigned for $6. May 2015 bring each of you joy, laughter, peace, new beginnings, and great bargains! By the way, I set a goal for myself to reach 500 pageviews by March and thanks to you, my friends, I've already hit it. I'm so grateful and so excited for this new creative avenu…