Building a Wardrobe Beyond Black

If it is not previously obvious, I am a lover of patterns. Stripes, plaid, polka dots, those are my comfort zones, not basic black. Again, apologies for these gritty, uncropped pictures, but my friends, some days that is just how this blogger rolls. I didn't have time to clear the kids' ski helmet box from the floor before taking this picture because we were out the door to school and work. This is real life, grit, mess, and all. 
Now, back to the outfit: when I first returned to work, I had a hard time building a work friendly wardrobe. I spent most of my days in preschools and due to paint and puke, never wore my best clothes. That being said, I was thrilled for the challenge to slowly build a new wardrobe on a slim budget. One thing I found was buying patterns really allows for a greater variance in outfits. For example, this Forever 21 sheer polka dot top can be worn to work with cropped pants and flats or on a date with skinny jeans and heels. The more I can stretch my wardrobe, the happier I am. One way to really do this is layering and accessorizing. I am a HUGE fan of cardigans, own probably way too many and will sometime share my accessory collection as well. Both items allow flexibility and fun in a wardrobe. This cardigan is from Target (kids clearance section for 2.97) and the jewelry is part of a large lot of costume jewelry I inherited from my step grandmother. This polka dot shirt pairs well with black in the winter, yellow in the fall, pink in the spring, and with a cute pair of shorts in the summer. Wardrobe building is not about quantity, it is about how much you can get out of one piece. Challenge yourself out of your comfort zone and buy something bright, bold, and brazen! 
Shoes: Zara thrifted, $3, pants H&M, shirt Forever 21, cardigan Target


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