For the love of wool

Don't mind the terribly gritty photos, my phone has been a bit wonky lately. Need to be better about using my nice camera. Anyhoo, I am a dress and skirt lover, even in the winter. I came across this vintage blue and black checked wool skirt and just fell in love. It was an elastic waist and let's face it, that is never flattering so I found a large belt in the recesses of my closet to add something to the waistband. Paired it with my recent thrift store cashmere sweater find, leopard heels, opaque tights, and a statement necklace. Believe it or not, I was warm, even in below freezing temps. So, before you pass up those grandma skirts, give them a chance, they just need some creativity!

These shoes are my new favorite. I work in an elementary school and do a lot of walking and rarely sit, which is wedge heels are a must. Regular heels are loud in the hallways, prohibit me from getting class to class quickly, and are not as comfortable as wedge heels. Wedge heels give me the added height I need and the comfort. Win win!
Shoes and skirt from Plum Consignment, sweater from my favorite thrift store, Bootstraps


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