Mixing patterns

Outfit details: leopard flats $15 Nordstroms Rack, gap cords $5, old navy flannel $10, forever 21 scarf $12, my new black glittery phone case dollar store, favorite lipstick of all time Nars heat wave

Life is just way too short to be boring, so be bold and mix it up! This outfit was a last minute grab as I rushed out the door for an appointment. I sat in my car really looking at what I picked out wondering if it worked, and I decided to silence those self doubt whispers. This is a constant battle for so many of us but I've learned that as long as I'm comfortable and confident, that is what looks good. 
I don't do resolutions but this year I do have a focus: to just be myself. This new permanent accessory of mine took a lot of guts for me; I have other tattoos but they are easily covered. My tattoos are deeply personal and wearing this one on my sleeve was a big step for me. However, losing my little brother, who was fiercely original and always an individual has torn away my layers of insecurity. His life and his example of confidence inspire me to do the same. The two poppies resemble not only remembrance, but also growth. That little green bud is a reminder that growth is a process and I must continue to flourish. I'm ready, my friends. It has taken 35 years, but life is too short, too precious to waste on worry, insecurity, and doubt.


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