Plaidurday: My love of plaid

Coat thrifted $2, scarf Forever 21 $12
There are not enough words for how much I love plaid, really. I'm thrilled its back "in" this winter, although in my humble opinion, it never went "out". I love to mix patterns whether it be stripes and leopard or opposing plaids. I also have a deep sentimental relationship with plaid, my little brother loved buffalo plaid, it was in that print that I last saw him. So, naturally when I saw this sherpa buffalo plaid jacket for $2 at my local thrift store, I bought it. It's been so darn cold here I've barely made it out of my thick coat, but we had an above freezing day, so I grabbed it as I headed to wander the library stacks. In the silence of the library, wrapped in this coat, I felt as if my brother was with me. The best two dollars I ever spent, not only for my closet, but for my heart.


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