Makeup Essesntials

I spent five years working in the beauty business as a beauty consultant for a large, high end cosmetic company. I learned alot about products, ingredients, application, and sadly, immense insecurities. Truth be told, it got to be too much for me. I love makeup, but I wear it to enhance by skin and express my personality, not to hide or cover any imperfections. An older woman I worked with told me something I'll never forget, "Honey, there is no amount of makeup that can cover up insecurity, nastiness, or shallowness. That sh** shines through the thickest of formulas." And she's right. Wear make up because it makes you feel good, not because you feel you have to in order to be beautiful. Outside beauty only goes so far, right?! 

That being said, the above picture is what I consider essentials. A good primer (love Baby Skin), a BB cream or tinted moisturizer, mineral powder (especially if you're oily, like me), concealer and highlighter built in with a brush (Maybelliene makes the best drugstore, YSL best department store), bronzer, blush, highlighter (ELF makes a fabulous one for $2), eyeshadow base, eyeshadow palette, liquid eyeliner (I'm out of my favorite STILA one, so ELF is an okay substitute), eyeliner pencil (I love MAC), mascara (I'm insanely picky about my mascara love scandaleyes by Rimmel for drugstore, Diorshow for department store), eyelash curler, eyebrow pencil and/or powder, lip balm, lip liner, lipstick, and or lip gloss. Lipsticks are the one thing I tend to splurge on because most days, I just do mascara and lipstick. I'm a huge fan of bright colors and moist formulas with lasting pigments. This is where a trip to the department store comes into play, as the more expensive lipsticks have much better pigmentation and various formulas. My favorite is Chanel in Pirate, Nars in Heat Wave, and Bobbi Brown in Petal.

My goal is to do a tutorial soon, for date night and my regular get my butt out the door morning routine.  Happy weekend!


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