Shopping Tips to Make the Most of Your Money

  1. Make a budget. I usually tell myself I will not spend more than $40, or if it helps you, take a certain amount of cash only, so you are not tempted.
  2. Have an idea of what you are looking for, take an inventory of your closet before you leave. I know I constantly forget how many polka dot shirts I own and have a hard time resisting one if I don't look at my closet first. 
  3. Think multi-tasking. Buy pieces that can be flexible for work and for nights out. More bang for your buck!
  4. Don't buy something just because it is on sale, buy it because it will be useful and go a long way. Money is money, even if only $5, it all adds up rather quickly at the register. 
  5. This may seem super dorky, but I keep a notebook in my purse of things I'd like to add to my wardrobe. I take a gander at my notebook before I shop, keep my buget in mind, and see how lucky I am. 
  6. Be patient. Buying second hand and/or clearance takes patience to wait for the right price or the right piece, but for me, that is where all the fun is, you're betting on luck, chance, fashion fate, whatever you may call it. 
  7. Inspect each item for stains, missed buttons, holes, and stenches. I can't tell you how many times I've been lazy and get home to find holes or stains.
  8. Be imaginative. If there is indeed a button missing, do you have some funky ones that you could swap out? (I inherited a rather large button collection, so I'm a bit of a button freak.) Like the wool nana-like skirt, think of how you could modernize it with accessories. 
  9. Be realistic and be ready to leave behind some treasures. One of the trickiest parts about this bargain shopping is knowing when to resist. I don't need the leopard pumps because they are $4, as I have 5 pairs of leopard shoes. (Yes, this is true.) Think of it as gifting some other fine shopper that bargain present. Know what you own, know what you need, know what you can say no to.
  10. Make the most of your closet and your wallet by consigning. Most shops give a generous discount to consigners and it is so fun having a dynamic closet, with new to you items to play with. 
  11. Buy quality, buy classic, and buy off season. I usually buy my sweaters and jackets in January and February, as they are at least 50% cheaper than pre-holiday. I watch items I really like and wait for them to be reduced and if they are not, then I pass. I usually buy summer wear in late September, as they are dirt cheap while the stores are trying to make room for their fall/winter items. This is why I say buy classic, as those styles will not vary year to year. Trendier items I tend to pass on but if I am called to some trend, I usually buy at Nordstroms Rack, Target, or Forever 21, as I know they will not last longer than a season and they are cheap. 


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