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Salon Manicure at Home

I love nail polish, the colors, the names, and even the smell. However, I rarely have the time to take an hour and head to the nail salon nor do I feel like spending $80 a month for manicures that chip too soon. (Yes, I've done the gel nails, but it felt too heavy and did some damage to my nails.) I've managed to figure out a system that works to create a salon quality manicure. I section off Sunday evenings as manicure time, usually during Downton Abbey.

This is what you need: Ridge filler (Essie is my favorite) Sally Hansen's Nail Hardener Nail Polish (this week's color was Essie's Snap Happy) Seche Vite topcoat 60 minutes
Tips: Make sure nails are clean and free of product Between coats, make sure you let each stage dry completely, this is key to making the manicure last Start with ridge filler, proceed with nail hardener, polish (2 coats), then finish with Seche Vite Wait 30 minutes  Nails are dry when they are smooth and not tacky to the touch Keep hands dry f…

A movie to watch, blog to follow

One benefit of having sick kiddos is an extended bed time for myself. The other night I scrolled through Netflix and found Advanced Style, a documentary featuring women over the age of 60 with  some serious style.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved this movie. I have an affinity for elderly women, I love to hear their stories, find great inspiration in their perspective, and enjoy being humbled by their lives. The women featured in this documentary are nothing short of amazing. All brazen, bold, confident, and living life to the fullest. I can only hope to mirror their spirit and style in my advanced years. 
The movie stemmed from Ari Seth Cohen's blog, Advanced Style. I spent way too long scrolling through the pictures, my friends, but I'm just so damn impressed with these women to be no one but themselves. Follow on Instagram, too, I promise it will bring color to your everyday.

Altering Accessories

The last ten days have been the longest ones in quite some time. The flu has invaded this house and halted all plans for a week. I've been mama/nurse and barely had the time to get out of my pajamas. Yesterday, the cabin fever reached its peak so the girls and I went to see Cinderella (great movie). It was s spur of the moment decision, hence my overly wrinkled shirt. What I'm getting at here is I grabbed my favorite black skinnies, my well worn v-neck, and grandpa cardigan for comfort and ease, but needed something more. I have a minor addiction to accessories, as you can see below and had to get creative with my storage.  Luckily, the day before I snuck out to do a feature (coming next week) on an amazing accessory boutique, Wicked Peacock and had a new necklace to wear. Accessories can transform a boring outfit into something fabulous. I have a very simple, basic wardrobe because I find great pleasure in the creativity and versatility of accessories and what they can add t…

Tips for Going Blond

After the winter of discontent, I needed a jolt of colorful happiness. I'm too lazy to paint my house, too impatient to paint my nails, so I decided to bleach my hair. When I say "I", I mean my hairdresser. Is that term outdated, I do believe it may be. Jessica, I apologize. I should refer to you as my hair goddess, that's better. Thought I'd share some tips to maintaining and surviving a bleaching process.

1. Go to a hairdresser, for God's sake. Don't let pinterest or youtube fool you, this is not a process for the masses. Go to a professional from the start because I promise, you will end up there anyway to fix your botched bleach job. It's not just bleach they use, the key to a great result is toner and experience.

2. Make sure you talk to your hair god/goddess before doing this. I have been with  my hair goddess for a long time so she knows my hair. If you process your hair frequently or have very dark hair, this could take a very long time and c…

Six Skirt Challenge

I'm always up for a challenge so I was thrilled when Pam at Plum Consignment asked me and two other fashionable ladies to style six skirts.
First up was an orange tube skirt, which also can be a dress. Dreaming of summer with this one! Next up was a striped lace detail mini skirt. Paired it with a fun necklace and classic black turtleneck. The nice thing about picking classic pieces is the versatility of outfits that you can create with accessories and shoes. I used three different shoes Pam had in store to alternate the look.

Next up was an adorable lacy skirt which I chose to dress down a bit. I'm a bit obsessed with the moto jacket trend right now.  This one was my favorite because I just love prints and I found a similar pair of shoes at Marshall's for $11. Just need all this snow to melt so I can wear them! 

I really love skater skirts but tried to make it a bit more age appropriate for myself. A huge fan of Peter Pan collars but still wanted a little edge so added a l…

Polyvore Love

I heard of Polyvore quite some time ago but never made my way over to the site. It was always on my to do list, but Pinterest sucks me in pretty hard for meal planning, vacation dreaming, photography inspiration and outfit drooling. Then, I had an opportunity to style some skirts for Plum Consignment and decided to try it out. (Look for that post soon!) I'm totally hooked. Have a shirt you love but can't figure out how to wear it? Go to Polyvore, find something similar, and you have inspiration in the palm of your hand. I will totally admit, its addicting, so I put my timer on for 10 minutes. I thought to myself, what a great tool for used clothes shopping. See an interesting sweater? Enter the color and see what Polyvore comes up with for an outfit. It's way more fun than Pinterest because you can also build your own outfits, which is so much fun. I'm telling you, I forgot how much I love styling!

Fridays I treat myself to a trip to my favorite thrift store and this w…

Fashion Icon: Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is a woman I've looked up to for as long as I can remember. She is not only a style icon, but a passionate humanitarian. I love seeing someone use their celebrity for a good cause, which Audrey spent most of her life doing. Her style, whether in the lights of Hollywood or the sand of Africa was simple, composed, classic, and unique.
"There is more to sex appeal than just measurements. I don't need a bedroom to prove my womanliness. I can convey just as much sex appeal, picking apples off a tree or standing in the rain." ~AH  "The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years." ~AH

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters."~AH

Audrey can never be replaced, however, I do believe her classic wardrobe can be imitated. …