Altering Accessories

booties, thrifted; jeans Target $7; v-neck, Gap; cardigan, Target, $7; necklace c/o Wicked Peacock; checked bits of laundry basket, courtesy of my puppy, Frida
The last ten days have been the longest ones in quite some time. The flu has invaded this house and halted all plans for a week. I've been mama/nurse and barely had the time to get out of my pajamas. Yesterday, the cabin fever reached its peak so the girls and I went to see Cinderella (great movie). It was s spur of the moment decision, hence my overly wrinkled shirt. What I'm getting at here is I grabbed my favorite black skinnies, my well worn v-neck, and grandpa cardigan for comfort and ease, but needed something more. I have a minor addiction to accessories, as you can see below and had to get creative with my storage. 
Luckily, the day before I snuck out to do a feature (coming next week) on an amazing accessory boutique, Wicked Peacock and had a new necklace to wear. Accessories can transform a boring outfit into something fabulous. I have a very simple, basic wardrobe because I find great pleasure in the creativity and versatility of accessories and what they can add to an outfit. In my humble opinion, they are just as important as a fantastic shoe. I added a little boho flair to a casual, muted outfit, with little effort.
Necklace courtesy of Wicked Peacock


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