Polyvore Love

I heard of Polyvore quite some time ago but never made my way over to the site. It was always on my to do list, but Pinterest sucks me in pretty hard for meal planning, vacation dreaming, photography inspiration and outfit drooling. Then, I had an opportunity to style some skirts for Plum Consignment and decided to try it out. (Look for that post soon!) I'm totally hooked. Have a shirt you love but can't figure out how to wear it? Go to Polyvore, find something similar, and you have inspiration in the palm of your hand. I will totally admit, its addicting, so I put my timer on for 10 minutes. I thought to myself, what a great tool for used clothes shopping. See an interesting sweater? Enter the color and see what Polyvore comes up with for an outfit. It's way more fun than Pinterest because you can also build your own outfits, which is so much fun. I'm telling you, I forgot how much I love styling!

Fridays I treat myself to a trip to my favorite thrift store and this week I added Plum to my tradition. I made out like a bandit for $44 total (and purchased a vintage 1940s dress for $4) but wasn't sure how to wear one item, the green floral shirt. 
Headed over to Polyvore and made a rather cute outfit. 

Happy app styling!


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