Salon Manicure at Home

I love nail polish, the colors, the names, and even the smell. However, I rarely have the time to take an hour and head to the nail salon nor do I feel like spending $80 a month for manicures that chip too soon. (Yes, I've done the gel nails, but it felt too heavy and did some damage to my nails.) I've managed to figure out a system that works to create a salon quality manicure. I section off Sunday evenings as manicure time, usually during Downton Abbey.

This is what you need:
Ridge filler (Essie is my favorite)
Sally Hansen's Nail Hardener
Nail Polish (this week's color was Essie's Snap Happy)
Seche Vite topcoat
60 minutes

Make sure nails are clean and free of product
Between coats, make sure you let each stage dry completely, this is key to making the manicure last
Start with ridge filler, proceed with nail hardener, polish (2 coats), then finish with Seche Vite
Wait 30 minutes 
Nails are dry when they are smooth and not tacky to the touch
Keep hands dry for a good 90 minutes after you are done


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