Tips for Going Blond

After the winter of discontent, I needed a jolt of colorful happiness. I'm too lazy to paint my house, too impatient to paint my nails, so I decided to bleach my hair. When I say "I", I mean my hairdresser. Is that term outdated, I do believe it may be. Jessica, I apologize. I should refer to you as my hair goddess, that's better. Thought I'd share some tips to maintaining and surviving a bleaching process.

1. Go to a hairdresser, for God's sake. Don't let pinterest or youtube fool you, this is not a process for the masses. Go to a professional from the start because I promise, you will end up there anyway to fix your botched bleach job. It's not just bleach they use, the key to a great result is toner and experience.

2. Make sure you talk to your hair god/goddess before doing this. I have been with  my hair goddess for a long time so she knows my hair. If you process your hair frequently or have very dark hair, this could take a very long time and cost a lot of money. (The first time I did it 12 years ago it took 8 hours and $475; different hair god, then.) This time around only took about 45 minutes because I'm naturally light brown.

3. Be prepared for results other than what you expect. Your hair will not come out white as snow the first go, nor do you want it to, as you will be bald soon after. This is a major chemical process on your hair and it needs to go in stages. I originally thought I wanted to be white platinum, but actually, I prefer this golden tone much better.

4. If you do decide to do this, take care of your hair before and after. Don't wash your hair for a few days before and use little product. When I chopped my hair 2 months ago, all the dead hair was gone and I do pamper my hair a bit, so it was healthy going into this and did not take too long.

5. In regards to aftercare, it is necessary to spoil your hair. It has been through some trauma. Do not wash your hair for at least 5 days after the bleaching. I know this sounds gross, but I have oily hair and an aversion to hair grease, but made it 7 days. Its really important to let your hair recover and reproduce some cuticle oil that the bleach removed. When you do shampoo, use a blonde specific shampoo. Paul Mitchell makes a good one and L'Oreal makes a good sulfate free one that is inexpensive.  Most of these shampoos are super moisturizing and contain violet pigments to counteract the brassiness or yellow hues that can develop over time. Also, buy a weekly toning treatment to continue this color balancing process. Do not do it more than once a week, or you will notice violet streaks in your golden locks. In addition, deep condition your hair once a week and use a conditioner every single time you shampoo. I love Infusium Repair and Renew Leave In Treatment.

Do blondes have more fun? I don't know, I've been just about every color of the rainbow and I've had a blast no matter what hue. Happy first day of Spring!


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