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Healing in the Swoosh

This is my son. The boy who will only wear clothes with the Nike swoosh. It is maddening, really. I scour Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Nordstrom's Rack looking for reduced Nike pants, shorts, and shirts. He will occassionally wear Under Armor, but only if he really loves the shirt. I've tried everything but it just ends in massive tears and tantrums and I've learned as a mother of 3, some battles aren't worth fighting. I've chalked this swoosh obsession up to his need for independence, his own way to express himself, maybe a way to insert himself into the world. Being a third child comes with some issues, I suppose! 
However, on Easter morning, I found out the true nature of this obsession. The Easter Bunny placed a Nike hat in his basket and Oliver was more excited about the hat than the candy. He immediately put it on and exclaimed, "Mummy, it's just like Andrew's. Y'know the one he left in your car." And that is when the light bulb burned brigh…

Purchase with a Cause: Will Leather Goods

When I decided to start this blog, I really struggled with making it an original space, as there are a million fashion blogs out there. As much as I love fashion, there is a shallowness associated with the entire industry that makes me uncomfortable. It does not really align with my beliefs at all. However, the more I look, I'm finding many companies giving back to those in need with their products. One of the many reasons I love thrifting, is it usually gives back to the community. When I find large companies doing this, it just makes me happy and I thought I'd share these innovative ideas in this small space of mine in the vast sea of fashion blogs. I found this bag from Will Leather Goods and I did not need yet another bag but it was gray and pink and then had this on the back. Being curious, I googled the company and found this video. It went into my cart immediately. For every bag that is purchased, they donate a bag to an inner city school and ask the children to write …

Embracing Oneself

I have a major confession to make here: I HATE being in front of the camera. Like almost every woman I know, insecurity is a fierce presence in my life. I look at the above picture and spot 10 things that make my stomach churn. It's ridiculous and unhealthy. Truth be told, I've wanted to have a blog about fashion on a budget for a very long time, but never did it because I didn't want to take pictures of myself. It's uncomfortable and I'm overly critical of everything. But, at some point, I had to slap myself in the face (figuratively, of course) and get over it. Yes, my body is constantly changing; my metabolism is nothing like it used to be and having three children has completely changed my shape. I am healthy, I walk or do some form of exercise at least five days a week, and eat healthy, whole foods (although, my goodness, I'll be happy when the temptation of Easter candy is out of this house!). All in all, I'm okay, but telling that to my head sometim…

Color of the Year and a GIVEAWAY!

Every year the Pantone Color Institute picks a color of the year. For 2015, Marsala was the chosen hue, which surprised some but the more and more I see it,  the more I love it. This deep shade of brownish red is so saturated it is almost a black, which makes it extremelely neutral. It can be paired with dark colors like navy and charcoal gray or lighter tones like blush or white. Silvana from Wicked Peacock challenged me to style this Marsala statement necklace and I had a blast.
My first outfit was a bit casual with a billowy navy sweater, oxblood skinnies, and brown suede booties. My next outfit was a bit more polished for a styling event and I had a bit more fun pairing it with some leopard pattern, green sweater, skinnies, and Marsala patent wedge heels.
Don't mind my smirk, but I really wanted to highlight how versatile Marsala is, despite the initial thought that it may be too dark for Spring. Paired with the right color or pattern, it's a great color. Lastly, I brough…

Shop Feature: Wicked Peacock Accessory Boutique Rockport, Ma

In the quaint seaside town of Rockport, lies an accessory treasure trove, Wicked Peacock. Although the shop is relatively small, it is packed with amazing accessories from simple pearl accessories to trendy nautical sweatshirts. The minute I stepped into this gem, I fell in love. Every inch of this store has something for everyone, from age 8 to 80, from Boho Chic to Working Professional, and is so creatively inspiring. I am thrilled to collaborate with the owner, Silvana, to host a giveaway on Monday! Stay tuned...
For now, I'd love to share Silvana's story. Wicked Peacock birthed from an accessory addiction, grew to selling designer direct jewelry, and evolved into her amazing shop in Rockport. Silvana and I share the belief that an accessory can make you feel confident, bold, and beautiful. It can take an outfit from blah to brazen, can change a dull mood to dazzling. With accessories, there is no size to fret over, no fit to question. A necklace, a bracelet, earrings are …