Purchase with a Cause: Will Leather Goods

When I decided to start this blog, I really struggled with making it an original space, as there are a million fashion blogs out there. As much as I love fashion, there is a shallowness associated with the entire industry that makes me uncomfortable. It does not really align with my beliefs at all. However, the more I look, I'm finding many companies giving back to those in need with their products. One of the many reasons I love thrifting, is it usually gives back to the community. When I find large companies doing this, it just makes me happy and I thought I'd share these innovative ideas in this small space of mine in the vast sea of fashion blogs.
I found this bag from Will Leather Goods and I did not need yet another bag but it was gray and pink and then had this on the back. Being curious, I googled the company and found this video. It went into my cart immediately. For every bag that is purchased, they donate a bag to an inner city school and ask the children to write their dreams on the bag. I mean, really.

The canvas is high quality and it comes in a variety of colors, although I do believe this messenger style is discontinued. My laptop fits perfectly and there is plenty of room to spare for my matching binder and abundance of pencils. Yes, it is just a back pack but for a kid who does not have a back pack, it is more than that. I've worked with disadvantaged kids my entire educational career and one thing I've learned is a little love whether be a special pencil or a new backpack goes a very long way.
My eldest daughter asked me what I was going to write for my dream...it is the same one I've had since reading Ramona and her Father at the age of four, in this bag, in that folder is a body of work that I do hope will make me an author some day. 


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