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Bohemian Princess by day, Mrs. Roper by Night

Yes, that is a bathroom selfie. My first and my last. Can't even tell you how fearful I was of getting knocked out by the swinging door. Anyhoo, I went out to dinner with my mum the other night and while in the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of myself. I wore this outfit to work because when you work in a building with no A/C, you must dress light. During the day, I felt like a Bohemian princess but once the sun went down, I was beginning to feel like Mrs. Roper from Threes Company with my long dress and shawl. Could have been the wine, I suppose.  Kidding aside, I loved this outfit. It was light, cool, and floral. The shawl was a find on the Target clearance racks when I was supposed to be buying paper towels! For seven dollars, I could not resist. 
Dress from Forever 21, Shawl from Target on clearance $7.48, beads from my favorite thrift store $2, smile courtesy of the wine, the sunset, my mum's company: priceless. 

Sassy Scriptor Home Edition: Living Room

I was sitting on the couch the other day in complete silence (a rarity) and looking around my living room. Like much of my wardrobe, most of my house is full of thrifted treasures or clearance finds. My living room is a mixture of old family items, thrifted goods, patterns, and photos. I love photos. So, I thought I'd share some of our fun items that keep in line with our budget and inspire my creativity. The above chest was my great grandparents and totally beat up. I could not part with it so I tried a few coats of varnish and now it is not only a coffee table but storage for games and such.

 I am a huge fan of pillows but having animals and kids, I also can't stand how ruined they get so quickly. I found these beauties at my local thrift store for $2, gave them a few washes and they just make me so happy.
 I try my best to control our clutter but the thing that clutters the most in our house are library books. We constantly have a late fee balance so I decided to dedicat…

Day in the city sans the fanny pack

One thing I love doing is taking my kids into the city. My husband and I love cities, the vibrancy, the exploration, the diversity. We pretend we are tourists and do nothing but walk around aimlessly and wander this beautiful city of Boston we call home. This trip we trekked four miles with the kids in tow and I promise one does not need a fanny pack and ugly sneakers to do it right.

Yes, I wore sneakers, but not ugly ones. I love Vans, own too many of them, but find them to be one of the most versatile sneakerish shoe out there, next to the classic Converse All Stars. However, I picked these shiny ones up on super clearance at J.Crew (I think I ended up paying $20). A side note to fellow teachers, JCrew gives a teacher discount. It's not much, but it still helps. The skirt was also on clearance from Gap and is seriously one of the most comfortable things I own. It is like wearing a sweatshirt for a skirt. Amazingly comfortable with a fun flirty flounce. Yellow shirt I snagged in …