Bohemian Princess by day, Mrs. Roper by Night

Yes, that is a bathroom selfie. My first and my last. Can't even tell you how fearful I was of getting knocked out by the swinging door. Anyhoo, I went out to dinner with my mum the other night and while in the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of myself. I wore this outfit to work because when you work in a building with no A/C, you must dress light. During the day, I felt like a Bohemian princess but once the sun went down, I was beginning to feel like Mrs. Roper from Threes Company with my long dress and shawl. Could have been the wine, I suppose. 
Kidding aside, I loved this outfit. It was light, cool, and floral. The shawl was a find on the Target clearance racks when I was supposed to be buying paper towels! For seven dollars, I could not resist. 

Dress from Forever 21, Shawl from Target on clearance $7.48, beads from my favorite thrift store $2, smile courtesy of the wine, the sunset, my mum's company: priceless. 


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