Sassy Scriptor Home Edition: Living Room

  I was sitting on the couch the other day in complete silence (a rarity) and looking around my living room. Like much of my wardrobe, most of my house is full of thrifted treasures or clearance finds. My living room is a mixture of old family items, thrifted goods, patterns, and photos. I love photos. So, I thought I'd share some of our fun items that keep in line with our budget and inspire my creativity. The above chest was my great grandparents and totally beat up. I could not part with it so I tried a few coats of varnish and now it is not only a coffee table but storage for games and such.

 I am a huge fan of pillows but having animals and kids, I also can't stand how ruined they get so quickly. I found these beauties at my local thrift store for $2, gave them a few washes and they just make me so happy.
 I try my best to control our clutter but the thing that clutters the most in our house are library books. We constantly have a late fee balance so I decided to dedicate this old seltzer box found in our basement as the library box. If library books leave this space, they must be returned to this space. So far, so good.
 And this, this is one of my favorite items in my house. This safe was given to my great grandparents by the builders of their house. It is heavier than you can even imagine, seriously. We use it not only as a safe, but as an end table as well. 

We now have a no rug policy thanks to the puppy, too much dirt, too many accidents, too many chemicals needed to clean, but we have plenty of patterns to go around. The baskets bring a bit of texture but also stylish storage to the space. 
The light is another family hand me down and that cute boy, one of my three greatest additions to the world. 
The couch is the Ektorp Sectional Sofa and I cannot tell you how much I love the couch. Each cushion cover comes off and is easy to wash and it is so very comfortable. I don't stress about the messes, as it wasn't outrageously expensive and we can all fit in one space on Friday movie nights. Win Win.

Our house is small but we love it that way. It keeps us on our toes trying to find creative, stylish solutions and next to the kitchen, this space gets the most love and use in our home. 


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