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Another year for the books

Today was the last day of another school year for me. It seems, sometimes, that my life is not measured in the normal January to December calendar but rather the September to June calendar. I am lucky because I've found a career that marries two passions of mine, reading and education, but more importantly, I work in a school unlike any I've ever worked in. It is a true community of caregivers, not only for the kids, but for all of us that share the linoleum hallways. This year, I felt that magic from my coworkers and my students. 
This year was not an easy one for me. Losing my brother, took everything out of me and I knew in order to be the best I could be, I needed to step away from work for a little bit to heal. I planned to take 12 weeks off, but toward the end of week 4, I knew I could not be away from my students and my coworkers. I missed them, but more so, I missed the purpose of being around those toothless smiles. I love my job. I pour my heart into it. Just like b…

Style Icon: Frida Kahlo

To say I love Frida Kahlo is a gross understatement. (My dog is named after her, I'm obsessed.) I adore her not only for her art, but her spirit. How can one not be inspired by a woman who let nothing stop her. Kahlo painted through excruciating physical pain, complicated personal relationships, and deep loss. Like her surreal paintings, she transcended the norm, pushed the limits of expectation, and demanded respect. Kahlo was no one but herself and I love humans who do just that. As the summer months begin, my style tends to shift to a more relaxed boho look. As I was cleaning out my closet, I realized how much my wardrobe is inspired by my favorite artist.  I hate shorts and prefer light cotton dresses and skirts. I tend to keep my clothes pretty simple but accessorize with colorful, large necklaces or bracelets, much like Frida.  As much as I love art and style, my true love is words and purchasing her diary over 15 years ago was life changing for me. All quotes below are fro…

Nail Color of the week

I am always dumbfounded and perplexed when I stand in front of the rows and rows of nail polish at the nail salon. There are just so many choices so I decided to keep a little diary of my choices here. I only do a monthly manicure, but tend to have my nails painted weekly so this will be a weekly post. (See here  to read about a salon quality manicure.) The mister and I were headed to NYC to see a Frida Kahlo exhibit and I really wanted a vibrant color to match my favorite artist's personality. Essie's Saturday Night Disco fit the bill and has become a new favorite. Also a favorite is the pink orange combination, I'm seeing it everywhere and love it! My wallet was a deal found at my never disappointing Nordstrams Rack.

A shirt with a cause

Normally, I stay to solid color Tshirts, but this one is worth breaking my standard. In twelve days, my husband and I will be participating in The Overnight Walk, a walk from dusk to dawn to raise money for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Last October, my brother took his own life and I will proudly walk 18 miles to raise funds to support treatment, education, and prevention of suicide.   Of all the outfits I wear this year, this shirt means the most. If you would like to donate or contribute, please visit this site. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.