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Another year for the books

Today was the last day of another school year for me. It seems, sometimes, that my life is not measured in the normal January to December calendar but rather the September to June calendar. I am lucky because I've found a career that marries two passions of mine, reading and education, but more importantly, I work in a school unlike any I've ever worked in. It is a true community of caregivers, not only for the kids, but for all of us that share the linoleum hallways. This year, I felt that magic from my coworkers and my students. 

This year was not an easy one for me. Losing my brother, took everything out of me and I knew in order to be the best I could be, I needed to step away from work for a little bit to heal. I planned to take 12 weeks off, but toward the end of week 4, I knew I could not be away from my students and my coworkers. I missed them, but more so, I missed the purpose of being around those toothless smiles. I love my job. I pour my heart into it. Just like being a mother is a part of my fabric, being a teacher is as well. Being home for those 8 weeks did help, but what helped even more was going back to work. It was working, not thinking about the choking grief, the devastating loss, the vast absence in my life, that aided in my healing. I've said it before that motherhood saved me this year, but teaching did as well. Being around my students filled me with such immense love, it suffocated the sadness. It allowed me to be happy without any guilt. So, to my sweet cherubs, although I helped you to become better readers, you helped heal my heart. I am forever and ever grateful. 


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I just finished Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic” and in it she talks about how the universe serves up magic and mystery all the time if we are open to it. In recent months, I’ve had some seriously big magic that made me believe in the mysterious magic of the universe. I have to go back years (okay, decades) to my sophomore year of college. I was stuck in the mire of indecision about my major. Accepted into the well known business school, my path was set but, it was not serving me well. I hated the classes, was bored to tears, and cringed at the thought of sitting at a desk looking at numbers the rest of my life. Numbers have never been my thing, but I had the grades to land a spot in the Accounting major. I slogged through because the prospect of having a job right after graduation was my carrot. My heart, though, was within the pages of books in my literature courses. I had a few of them in my beginning years and I’d pass on the finance homework just to read one more page. I’ve alway…

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