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Bathing Suit Stories

This photo never had intentions of getting on the internet. It was a quick photo response to my traveling husband's text, "What are you doing?" And the photo was my reply as I inhaled nail polish remover fumes from my eldest whilst attempting to relax in the backyard. So, how did it get here you may ask...
Well, it got here because I got over it, with the help of my kids. I was browsing the clearance racks at Target and this cute bikini was only $12. I loved the top, looked at it, sighed and put it back. My daughter asked, "Why'd you do that? Why'd you put it back, I like it." I couldn't tell her the truth that I, like most women my age, have some major body issues, especially after having children, despite the fact I tell her numerous times a day that it doesn't matter the size, but the prize is your heart and your mind. I say it and I desperately try to believe my own words, I really and truly do. Instead, I just said, "Oh, I have plenty…

The Big Merge

For quite some time now, I've managed two blogs, this one and this one. The first one started a very long time ago and morphed with each stage of my life. I loved it, still do, but feel like it's getting a bit stale over there in my cocoon. I started Sassy Scriptor because I needed a new avenue, different inspiration, a showcase for a different part of me. However, as I'm finding, my life does not equally split into compartments. Somedays, I feel like writing about how I put an outfit together, other days I want to write about an experience that moved me. They can be in the same place. I don't need a blog for this, a blog for that. I don't need a title "fashion blogger" or "lifestyle blogger"; the title that works for me is: "writer" or better yet, "Sassy Scriptor." So, I'm bidding adieu to my baby blog, all grown up and streamlining everything here. Somedays may be about clothes, some days may be about a new food, or a m…

Miracle in a Facial Brush

The contents of this case have done wonders for my skin. My skin, like the rest of my being, seems to be in some major transformation as I approach the big 4-0. I've always had sensitive, acne prone skin, which really is not a good combination. Most acne products are much too harsh for my skin and cause irritation and the sensitive products rarely cleanse my skin well enough to prevent future breakouts. Kind of tricky, really. Now, my skin has less breakouts but the sensitivity factor has about quadrupled. I have to be very careful and really, the only face wash that works is Cetaphil. I normally do a weekly face peel, but my skin being outdoors more in the summer, can no longer hang with that process. So, after some serious research, I purchased this face brush at super discount (normally $125, I got it for $32!) They are sold out now, but I'm sure you can find a similar face brush online somewhere. The key to this one was the discount and the three different brushes. One is…

Sunday Style: Summer edition

I may have mentioned before but Sundays are my favorite. They are relaxed, free of plans, and slow. I also tend to spend my days in complete comfort. I've totally fallen for the dress shirt. They are so light, so comfortable, and much more versatile than I imagined. This one is a Harve Bernard I picked up years ago and is the most comfortable shirt I own. Paired it with striped shirts, bare accessories, my navy blue Converse, big clunky black glasses, and my favorite NARS Heat Wave lipstick. I usually give my skin a break from make up on Sundays but this outfit just screamed red lipstick to me. May the relaxation of Sunday carry through your week, my friends. 

From my head to my toes: simple in the summer

Let's talk summer wardrobe, shall we? I love the summer for the warm weather, the long nights, the endless days at the beach. But, truth be told, not my favorite to season to style.

I hate shorts. I will do about anything to avoid them. I don't know where this aversion to the beloved summer short comes from, but I just don't enjoy wearing them. I much prefer dresses, like the thrift score below (Zara for $2) than shorts. The few pairs I do have come from J.Crew, as they are not daisy duke short or grandma long, but just right. (Consigned, J.Crew, of course!) Rather than shell out a bunch of money for a new summer wardrobe, I keep things pretty simple for the summer. I tend to accessorize less and put less effort into my outfits. My main concern is comfort in the summer. The humidity and I have a love hate relationship, thus making me a bit temperamental in the thick of summer. To simplify, I purged my closet this year and kept only things I knew would get worn. Everything …

Summer with short hair

Let's talk summer hair, shall we? The summer and my hair do not get along. I have mildly wavy hair and the humidity is just not it's friend. Ninety percent of the time, it is tied back in a messy bun because I'm too lazy to fight the battle and I'd rather sit on the beach than blow dry my hair. I wash my hair about twice a week in the summer and try to refrain from products or damaging processes like blow drying or curling. Besides, the effort of both are futile in the muggy heat. Below are my trusty dos... Side twist  Beach waves courtesy of the ocean  Messy bun with bandana or scarf Two sides up, day after wash and curl. 

California Dreaming

We had the pleasure of visiting California for a week a few weeks back and just now getting around to going through the pictures. We spent four days in Palm Springs, which we loved. (Sidenote: it took some serious restrain to stay out of the many thrift and consignment stores there.) Then we headed to Orange County where we grew up. It is always fun to retrace our story together as a couple, especially with our kids in tow. We both are grateful to have roots in such a beautiful place with such good Mexican food. The one request on our plane ride home: no more Mexican food for a while. Agreed, kiddos.

Easy Breezy Summer Makeup

These are my tools for a barely there sun kissed face. It takes all of 5 minutes, honest. I'm nearing the end of that foundation and they no longer make that formula, so my hunt will begin soon enough. That shade is a bit darker than my skin tone only because I'm pretty anal about keeping my face out of the sun, as I have some sun damage from growing up on the beach and not wearing sunscreen. WEAR SUNSCREEN, my friends. The Stila compact has a bronzer, highlighter, and neutral eyeshadow palette. I don't bother with shadow in the summer, as the humidity makes the effort pointless. l do use the bronzer and highlighter, though, which I love.  My five minute routine: 1. Apply foundation where you need it, make sure to blend in at jaw line. (Chanel Vitalumiere is my favorite, but sadly discontinued.) 2. Shape and fill in eyebrows. (Mine are nearly invisible without this step.) 3. Lightly line eyes. MAC Teddy is my favorite, a brown with slight gold flecks. 4. Apply mascara. 5.…