From my head to my toes: simple in the summer

Let's talk summer wardrobe, shall we? I love the summer for the warm weather, the long nights, the endless days at the beach. But, truth be told, not my favorite to season to style.

Purse: Nordstroms, Pants: LOFT, Shirt, Target, Shoes: Rainbow Sandals Outlet, Necklace Courtesy of Wicked Peacock

I hate shorts. I will do about anything to avoid them. I don't know where this aversion to the beloved summer short comes from, but I just don't enjoy wearing them. I much prefer dresses, like the thrift score below (Zara for $2) than shorts. The few pairs I do have come from J.Crew, as they are not daisy duke short or grandma long, but just right. (Consigned, J.Crew, of course!) Rather than shell out a bunch of money for a new summer wardrobe, I keep things pretty simple for the summer. I tend to accessorize less and put less effort into my outfits. My main concern is comfort in the summer. The humidity and I have a love hate relationship, thus making me a bit temperamental in the thick of summer. To simplify, I purged my closet this year and kept only things I knew would get worn. Everything else went to the thrift store. It's really freeing having so little to choose from...

Chambray: Marshalls, Dress: Thrifted Zara, Shoes: Old Navy, Watch: Michael Kors, Basketball: courtesy of Oliver


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