Miracle in a Facial Brush

The contents of this case have done wonders for my skin. My skin, like the rest of my being, seems to be in some major transformation as I approach the big 4-0. I've always had sensitive, acne prone skin, which really is not a good combination. Most acne products are much too harsh for my skin and cause irritation and the sensitive products rarely cleanse my skin well enough to prevent future breakouts. Kind of tricky, really. Now, my skin has less breakouts but the sensitivity factor has about quadrupled. I have to be very careful and really, the only face wash that works is Cetaphil. I normally do a weekly face peel, but my skin being outdoors more in the summer, can no longer hang with that process. So, after some serious research, I purchased this face brush at super discount (normally $125, I got it for $32!) They are sold out now, but I'm sure you can find a similar face brush online somewhere. The key to this one was the discount and the three different brushes. One is for heavy exfoliation, one is for gentle, and one is for everyday washing. Besides the breakout when I first got it--thank you hormones and dirt removal--my skin has never been this clear IN MY LIFE. Worth every single penny, I promise.


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