The Big Merge

For quite some time now, I've managed two blogs, this one and this one. The first one started a very long time ago and morphed with each stage of my life. I loved it, still do, but feel like it's getting a bit stale over there in my cocoon. I started Sassy Scriptor because I needed a new avenue, different inspiration, a showcase for a different part of me. However, as I'm finding, my life does not equally split into compartments. Somedays, I feel like writing about how I put an outfit together, other days I want to write about an experience that moved me. They can be in the same place. I don't need a blog for this, a blog for that. I don't need a title "fashion blogger" or "lifestyle blogger"; the title that works for me is: "writer" or better yet, "Sassy Scriptor." So, I'm bidding adieu to my baby blog, all grown up and streamlining everything here. Somedays may be about clothes, some days may be about a new food, or a moving book. Whatever the case may be, it will still be me, typing away in my thrifted treasures and clearance class.


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