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Middle school

The other day I walked my eldest child through the Middle School doors for a sneak peek day before school begins. I could not help thinking I was walking her through the belly of the beast, a new unfamiliar territory for her, but one we all remember not so fondly. You ask the average person and they tell you Middle School sucked. I know for me it did. Those were the years of first loves, big drama, lanky legs, wet tongues, clunky braces--really, a recipe of pure adolescent awkwardness. As I watched my daughter fumble with the pad lock, my shallow breaths and sweat had nothing to do with the combination of numbers, but rather the bumpy road that lie ahead. 
Middle School is tougher on parents than kids, I think. Kids are excited for the new change, everything around them and on them (hello, puberty!) is changing. Yes, there are times that are laden with tears or hormonal rants, but everyone around them is changing, developing not only physically, but also finding their voice in the se…

Library Finds: Getting Kindergarten Ready

My last baby is off to Kindergarten. I'm a mixed bag of happy, sad, anxious, relaxed. More than anything, I'm so excited for him to start this new adventure. There are the classic Kindergarten books, The Kissing Hand is a favorite but we found these ones and Oliver loved them. Happy reading!

Eight NYC miles in heels

Back in June, the mister and I had a kid free weekend in New York City to see the Frida Kahlo Exhibit. Easily one of the best experiences of my life. I embarrassingly sobbed not only seeing her artwork, but all of the amazing plant life of that magical place in the Bronx.  As if the clothing goddesses knew I was going to his event, I found this Zara tropical print dress at my local consignment store and paired it with my beloved Lotta from Stockholm Clogs
This post is all about my shoes, my friends. These shoes are ah-mazing. I have terrible vericose veins that are extremely painful and I am not supposed to wear flat shoes or very high heels. I am not a giant so I like to add some height to my frame, but not at the cost of comfort. I've eyed these clogs for a long time, but keeping with my budget mantra, could not bring myself to pay full price. However, on their site, Lotta has a Sale N Seconds tab, which are clogs at a discount because of very small defects. I ordered the Hig…

Konmari Update

A while back, I joined the masses and purchased The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up with the hopes of managing the insane amount of clutter and stuff that fills my house. Being a bit leery of all the hype, I went in with a slight reluctance that this little book was going to change my life. However, it really has made me look at things differently.  We bought my grandparents' house and with it came a cellar full of "treasures". I find myself hanging on to things in an attempt to keep a person with me. Sounds weird, I know, but this book forced me to be honest with myself and my tendency to no let go. It took me a long time to realize this, but in the massive trips to the donation center, I finally had to face facts. The items piling up in my house were not bringing me joy, but rather frustration. I did not need these items, as I had my memories. This book is about so much more than organizing and folding socks and t-shirts in a new way, it is about taking a look not o…

Spectacular Specs: Warby Parker

All my life, I've had perfect vision. Until recently, that is. I spend a lot of time reading and I noticed that I was getting frequent headaches and blurred vision. A trip to the eye doc revealed I have some pretty severe eye strain and something with a fancy name meaning that my eyes are blurring to accommodate for this strain. So, glasses were in order. I'm not going to lie here and complain, I love glasses and would often wear the fakies as an accessory. However, I spent too much time in the office wandering around trying on every pair that caught my eye. Not a single one grabbed my attention and well, they are just really overpriced. I am fortunate to have very good insurance that covers quite a bit, but even still, it was a minimum of $150 coming out of my pocket.

Then, a little light bulb of remembrance went off in my head. I vaguely remembered reading an article about an eye glass company that donated a pair of glasses for every pair purchased. Like Pinterest was readin…

Chai Charger or Dirty Chai

This horrible thing happened to be when I had my last child: my body completely began to reject coffee. Even half a cup and I would get the shakes and start sweating like I'd been running a marathon. Awful in the sense that coffee and I really like each other not only for the caffeine, but I'm a huge fan of black, bitter coffee. I worked for a certain coffee chain (green logo) for 7 years in my youth and developed a deep love and appreciation for a good cup of coffee. So, this utter rejection of it was a bit devastating. I've since switched to dark, bitter tea but I still crave coffee every single day.  Enter the dirty chai or chai charger, love both names. Basically, a chai latte with a shot of espresso. I know it sounds gross or an odd combination, but trust me on this one. For some reason, I can drink these without a major reaction and I refuse to pay the $4 for one at my local coffee shop every day (its more of a weekly treat). I've found just the right combination …

Summer Staples: Guacamole and Salsa

Summer, to me, is defined by a cold adult beverage, warm breeze, a bag of chips, a bowl of guacamole and a bowl of salsa. I've been asked many times for these recipes so here goes: 3 avocados 1/4 c chopped onion Half of a lime, juiced Tomato chopped 1/4 c chopped cilantro Pinch of chili powder Salt and pepper to taste Fresh jalapeƱo (add as much as you'd like)
Cut open avocados, remove pit, and scoop avocado into bowl. Mash up until it is a creamy consistency and add all other ingredients. Couldn't be easier.

For my salsa, I use a food processor, as I like the consistency for dipping or spreading on eggs, etc.

3 tomatoes 1/4 c onions, I prefer red onion 1/4 c chopped cilantro half of a lime, juiced salt and pepper to taste chopped jalapeno (as much as you prefer)
Chop tomatoes into quarters and add all ingredients into the food processor. That's it, my friends, you're done. Grab a beer or a margarita and enjoy. Salud!

Library finds

Library day is one of my favorite days. This week, these three titles will be ones we treasure. Although they are all very different, they all illustrate what perseverance and confidence truly mean. Whether it be Misty Copeland's ignoring the rejections, Rousseau continuing on despite the art critics' mocking, or Emmanuel's belief that being disabled would not stop or stigmatize him. Each of these stories, true stories, inspired us so very much. And you, any good library finds?