Chai Charger or Dirty Chai

This horrible thing happened to be when I had my last child: my body completely began to reject coffee. Even half a cup and I would get the shakes and start sweating like I'd been running a marathon. Awful in the sense that coffee and I really like each other not only for the caffeine, but I'm a huge fan of black, bitter coffee. I worked for a certain coffee chain (green logo) for 7 years in my youth and developed a deep love and appreciation for a good cup of coffee. So, this utter rejection of it was a bit devastating. I've since switched to dark, bitter tea but I still crave coffee every single day. 
Enter the dirty chai or chai charger, love both names. Basically, a chai latte with a shot of espresso. I know it sounds gross or an odd combination, but trust me on this one. For some reason, I can drink these without a major reaction and I refuse to pay the $4 for one at my local coffee shop every day (its more of a weekly treat). I've found just the right combination so here it is:

1 shot of espresso (I use a Bialetti Moka pot)
Almond milk (I ♥️ Trader Joe's brand)
Oregon Chai Concentrate

Brew espresso 
As its cooling, fill cup with ice
Pour espresso over ice
Fill cup 1/2 way with chai 
Fill 1/2 with almond milk
Stir well


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