Konmari Update

A while back, I joined the masses and purchased The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up with the hopes of managing the insane amount of clutter and stuff that fills my house. Being a bit leery of all the hype, I went in with a slight reluctance that this little book was going to change my life. However, it really has made me look at things differently. 
We bought my grandparents' house and with it came a cellar full of "treasures". I find myself hanging on to things in an attempt to keep a person with me. Sounds weird, I know, but this book forced me to be honest with myself and my tendency to no let go. It took me a long time to realize this, but in the massive trips to the donation center, I finally had to face facts. The items piling up in my house were not bringing me joy, but rather frustration. I did not need these items, as I had my memories.
This book is about so much more than organizing and folding socks and t-shirts in a new way, it is about taking a look not only inside our drawers, but inside our hearts. 

Newly purged and folded drawers. I reuse shoeboxes for drawer organization, otherwise, I go bananas trying to find things.
Of course, there are some things that will never be thrown away, like the box of letters I keep in my drawer. On a balmy night when I couldn't sleep, I decided to tackle the mementos (the items the author suggests to do last), and this box was chock full of them. I threw out some things but I could not throw away these letters. I sat on my bed, read each letter, and felt my sassy Nana right by my side. The idea of this re-organization is to keep things that only bring you joy and these cursive letters do indeed bring me such joy.

In that same box were so many cards from loved ones, some I just couldn't part with but knew I needed to find a place for them other than my drawer. I chose ones that mean a lot to me and taped them to my wardrobe door. Every day when I'm getting dressed, I see these cards, smile, and am so grateful to be so loved. 
I am not nearly done with this reorganization and have had to adjust the methods to fit our lifestyle. (Meaning: I'm largely doing this on my own on nights when my husband travels, so it has been slow going and room by room.) I've also tried to be a bit creative with the donating process. Books inspired a book swap or a trip to our neighborhood Little Free Library. Clothes went to those people in my life that would use and love them. Toys went to an organization that directly benefits children. 

Anyone else doing this? Thoughts, frustrations, joys, hardships? I'd love to hear...


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