Spectacular Specs: Warby Parker

All my life, I've had perfect vision. Until recently, that is. I spend a lot of time reading and I noticed that I was getting frequent headaches and blurred vision. A trip to the eye doc revealed I have some pretty severe eye strain and something with a fancy name meaning that my eyes are blurring to accommodate for this strain. So, glasses were in order. I'm not going to lie here and complain, I love glasses and would often wear the fakies as an accessory. However, I spent too much time in the office wandering around trying on every pair that caught my eye. Not a single one grabbed my attention and well, they are just really overpriced. I am fortunate to have very good insurance that covers quite a bit, but even still, it was a minimum of $150 coming out of my pocket.

Then, a little light bulb of remembrance went off in my head. I vaguely remembered reading an article about an eye glass company that donated a pair of glasses for every pair purchased. Like Pinterest was reading my mind, it was the first thing that popped up into my feed that afternoon. Creepy and wonderful Internet.

Enter Warby Parker into my life. I did some research and was thrilled to learn that my money would indeed go to a good cause. Warby Parker does not donate a pair of glasses, but instead, trains people to sell these glasses, therefor providing jobs, training, and independence. I loved this. Rather than shell out the money at the doctor's office, it felt so much better to contribute to a greater good and get a stylish pair of glasses. All of Warby Parker's from are under $150. We are lucky to have a retail store in Boston so all 5 of us boarded the train and made a day of going to Warby Parker on Newbury Street. Can I just say what a fantastic experience it was? We entered the store with our prescriptions, tried on glasses, had our faces measured, and that was it. And do you know what is super cool? If you don't have a Warby Parker near you, you can order 5 pairs to try on, they send them to you, then you send them back with your choice. How cool is that?!
I chose the Finch, the mister chose the Roosevelt. I love the small side detail on his glasses.

I've said it many times, but I care about where my money goes. My spending choices affect more than just my bank account and I try to take that pretty serious. It matters to me that Devin and I buying glasses, made an impact, even a small one. Every ripple contributes to a wave of change.  It just feels good. This is not a sponsored post, just a high praise for a company doing something good in a super stylish way. If you need glasses or sunglasses, check them out. 


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