Sunday Musings

This week is coming to a close, which also means my summer has ended. I'm headed to work tomorrow and I'm both thrilled and depressed. I love my job but I hate the routine our schedule brings. With three kids, all in activities, September can be a bit overwhelming and bumpy. It requires massive patience while we fine tune everything and find systems that work. I don't like this part, however, we do it, some days more gracefully than others, but we do it. Cheers to two buck chuck from Trader Joes to help me through this transition!

As an avid reader and writer, I come across things daily that upset, astound, surprise, sadden, and inspire me. I have little notes on back of receipts in my purse, dogeared pages, and saved links of things that I want to share. I thought it would be nice way to wrap up my week, head into another, and share these various things on Sunday.

1. I listened to this podcast the other day while walking the dog and man, oh man, it made me think. I'm reading Americanah right now and I love Zadie Smith, so it was a double win for me. The New York Public Library Podcast is one to follow.

2. It just so happened we watched 2 movies with Kristen Wiig in them this week: Welcome to Me and  Skeleton Twins. Both explored mental illness in a beautiful, honest, funny, and painful way. Skeleton Twins was better but left my heart aching for my brother. This grief business is hard stuff but as I sobbed myself to sleep, I knew he'd so appreciate me missing him through film.

3. Hit up Savers annual half off Labor Day sale and made out like a bandit. Probably $500 worth of clothes for $60. Savers is not my favorite thrift store, as I feel they overprice and put out fair merchandise, but when it's 50%, I give it a go. (More this week about some thrifting tips)

4. Everyone survived the first week of school, including myself. Although, this 90 degree weather is killing all of us with no A/C in the building. I'm a bit anxious for some fall weather but will take our dinners on the beach until they last. It's been a lot of skirts and dresses, like below.

5. In the midst of this week, I came across the article in The New York Times of the toddler washed ashore and I can't quite shake this feeling of sorrow and restlessness. My family and I are brainstorming ideas on ways we can someway help these families. We are humbled in deep ways and committed to do something. 

6. I'm finishing this blog post absolutely melting on the sidelines of a soccer tournament. My daughter has an injured foot and exercise induced asthma, however is running her heart out thanks to an inhaler and an enormous amount of drive that inspires me daily. This sport is a commitment for all of us, but one thing I've learned through a difficult year, is all of us need to find some way to channel our feelings. My husband surfs, my eldest draws, my middle child does soccer, my son skateboards, and I sit here tapping away. The first anniversary of my brothers death is quickly approaching and mixing me up inside. I can hardly believe it's been a year, it feels like 100 days and a an hour at the same time. There is not a single day that goes by that I wish he was still here. His death has made me expect nothing in life but the unexpected and to live every single day breathing in the good and pushing out the bad.


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