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Sunday Musings

This week is coming to a close, which also means my summer has ended. I'm headed to work tomorrow and I'm both thrilled and depressed. I love my job but I hate the routine our schedule brings. With three kids, all in activities, September can be a bit overwhelming and bumpy. It requires massive patience while we fine tune everything and find systems that work. I don't like this part, however, we do it, some days more gracefully than others, but we do it. Cheers to two buck chuck from Trader Joes to help me through this transition!

As an avid reader and writer, I come across things daily that upset, astound, surprise, sadden, and inspire me. I have little notes on back of receipts in my purse, dogeared pages, and saved links of things that I want to share. I thought it would be nice way to wrap up my week, head into another, and share these various things on Sunday.

1. I listened to this podcast the other day while walking the dog and man, oh man, it made me think. I'm …

Pantry Cupcakes

My kids have become huge fans of Cupcake Wars. They asked almost daily to make some creative cupcakes but the summer heat is not a time I like to bake. However, September is slowly seeping in and their wonderful father bought 2 boxes of mix at the store. Now, I know cupcakes are better made from scratch but I've learned if I have their hands helping me, the less steps the better. It's not as "healthy" but it saves my sanity.  We had 2 bananas that were over ripe and a tiny bit of peanut butter cereal in the pantry. I hate throwing away food so if I can find a way to use it in a new way, I get a bit excited. I threw the cereal in the food processor to make a crumble and now we had Cupcake War worthy cupcakes! So easy. Mixed in the bananas to the mix and put the crumble on the chocolate frosting. So easily delicious.