Pantry Cupcakes

My kids have become huge fans of Cupcake Wars. They asked almost daily to make some creative cupcakes but the summer heat is not a time I like to bake. However, September is slowly seeping in and their wonderful father bought 2 boxes of mix at the store. Now, I know cupcakes are better made from scratch but I've learned if I have their hands helping me, the less steps the better. It's not as "healthy" but it saves my sanity. 
We had 2 bananas that were over ripe and a tiny bit of peanut butter cereal in the pantry. I hate throwing away food so if I can find a way to use it in a new way, I get a bit excited. I threw the cereal in the food processor to make a crumble and now we had Cupcake War worthy cupcakes! So easy. Mixed in the bananas to the mix and put the crumble on the chocolate frosting. So easily delicious. 


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