Quick Room Makeover Under $60

As the season changes from the balmy summer to the brisk fall, so too, must some areas of my house. The light burlap curtains must be switched to the heavier, energy saving ones and the warmer pillows come out. I've been itching to do something small with the living room besides a linen change over so as luck would have it, I happened upon a rather zebra print for $12 at Target that inspired a new look for our living room. 
I couldn't resist this print and I just love it over the record player. 
And who would've thought I'd find a matching zebra head for the coffee table at my local thrift store for $1?!
Scored this gold brocade and velvet pillow for a whopping $3, the fur pillows are from last year, which were $5 for the pair. Another favorite find is the animal skull for $9, I've been dying for one but refused to pay over $20 for one. Thanks, Home Goods, for that find. 
Lastly, to add some greenery as we enter the dark days of winter, a small house plant from Home Depot. As simple as that, I feel renewed and refreshed. Something about the zebra watching me at all times is oddly comforting. She's been named Zoe the Zebra by the kids. All in, I did not spend more than $60. This includes new curtains, the house plant, the pillow, zebra print, weird animal skull, and zebra head. Now, to save my pennies for the Wes Anderson wallpaper I've been dreaming of for my accent wall (see here). I love treasure hunting and seeing how things can come together with a tight budget and abundant creativity. Never know when and where inspiration will strike...


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