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Keeping the Holidays Simple

I'm writing this post mainly for a reminder to myself to find my focus about the holidays. It is too easy to go overboard with gifts and I am superbly guilty of that, especially when it comes to my kids. Last year, Devin and I went bananas with the kids. It was an attempt to give them a bit of joy while grieving and as we found out, nothing can fill that hole. That being said, I'm sticking to a four gift guide for the kiddos this year, like I used to when they were little.
They decide the items for each category and it limits me to these 4 items. There are a ton of free printables on Pinterest, some geared to younger kids as well. 
Believe it or not, I'm almost done with my shopping. Having these guidelines makes the wandering aisles less and direct ordering so much easier. I feel like so much focus is put on the dollar amount of things and less about the thoughtfulness of gifts. The holidays should not be about all of this, right?! It should be about love, family, giving…

Holiday Party Favorites

That season is upon us friends of holiday shindigs! Let's be honest, this is an expensive time of year. I'd rather spend my money on thoughtful gifts than an outfit I'll never, ever wear again. I love consignment and thrift stores to find my holiday attire. Fun fact: my junior prom dress, a midnight blue sequin number even came from a thrift store!  This skirt hits the ground with a beautiful pleat. I love this number. Skirt, vintage $8, cashmere bow sweater $10, and Kate Spade shoes $4.  For a less formal, flirty look, swap out the plaid for sequins. Skirt, $5. More sequins here. JCrew sweater, $10, JCrew wool plaid pants, $2, and sparkly gold shoes $20.  This one is this years find. Every year, the mister and I head to Chicago for his company holiday party. I saw this dress at my local thrift store, tried it on, and could not resist. It was shortly after I watched "Age of Adaline", which has amazing styling, and I just new this was my number for the Windy City…

Family Photo Styling

I'm a bit late to this game, as I swore last year was my final year of doing holiday cards. However, this year rolled around and I just can't imagine not sending one out, despite the cost and the environmental waste. It's just a tradition I can't quite shed yet. That being said, our holiday photo shoot was last minute and as it was somewhat planned, my youngest put a wrench in those plans. More to come on that, but I thought I'd share my method of styling a family photo.

1. Find your inspiration. These two flower crowns were my inspiration for this year's photograph. I picked them up at Claire's on super clearance for $2 each and I just love them.

2. Find your location. Ours was, as usual, the beach.
3. Find your color scheme. The blushes in the flower crown were my basis for the color palette with a blue accent because my son will only wear one button up shirt. We found a leopard dress on uber clearance at Target that Bea loved so I tried to match the warm…

Mink Muffs for the win

No pun intended, but hands down, this color is a late fall favorite. Mink Muffs by Essie for the festive Turkey Day win. 🦃Matches my husband's to die for gravy. 🦃

Sunday Word Sermon: Break the Rules

Happened upon this billboard while having a little day of shopping with my mom and it spoke to me. Normally, I'm a rule follower, maybe even to a fault, but with my style, it's my own way of expressing myself as I want to, not by what others think is right or acceptable. I love playing with color, mixing patterns, and combining old and new. Style is personal, unique, and should be a reflection of you, not a cut out of a magazine. 
I was fortunate to be raised by a confident, stylish woman and a man who told me I was smart and beautiful every day. It's not lost on me how this shaped who I am. Confidence is never easy but every time I doubt myself whether it be in an outfit or a situation, I remember my mom always stylish, and my stepdad always the admirer. 
They were both rebels at heart. When I'm mixing leopard and stripes or walking into an event in my $5 thrift store dress and designer shoes, it's a nod to these two. One no longer here to tell me I'm beautiful,…