Family Photo Styling

I'm a bit late to this game, as I swore last year was my final year of doing holiday cards. However, this year rolled around and I just can't imagine not sending one out, despite the cost and the environmental waste. It's just a tradition I can't quite shed yet. That being said, our holiday photo shoot was last minute and as it was somewhat planned, my youngest put a wrench in those plans. More to come on that, but I thought I'd share my method of styling a family photo.

1. Find your inspiration. These two flower crowns were my inspiration for this year's photograph. I picked them up at Claire's on super clearance for $2 each and I just love them.

2. Find your location. Ours was, as usual, the beach.

3. Find your color scheme. The blushes in the flower crown were my basis for the color palette with a blue accent because my son will only wear one button up shirt. We found a leopard dress on uber clearance at Target that Bea loved so I tried to match the warmth of the browns with Pippa's fur vest. She had a gray and pink polka dot shirt under this as well, so it brought all the pinks together.

4. Find your patience and flexibility. Once we were at the beach, my son refused to wear his shirt. All the bribing in the world would not persuade him, so I had to just let it go and take the damn photo. There are about 15 like this....
but finally one we could use. I'm telling you, this boy. I know one day I'll look back and laugh at his persistence and goofiness. Sigh.

The saving grace of the whole event was some shots I got of my girls and a great shot Bea took of Devin and I. (And the glass of champagne my mother had ready for me at her house.)

Wishing you success in your family photos or at least a few good laughs!


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