Keeping the Holidays Simple

I'm writing this post mainly for a reminder to myself to find my focus about the holidays. It is too easy to go overboard with gifts and I am superbly guilty of that, especially when it comes to my kids. Last year, Devin and I went bananas with the kids. It was an attempt to give them a bit of joy while grieving and as we found out, nothing can fill that hole. That being said, I'm sticking to a four gift guide for the kiddos this year, like I used to when they were little.
They decide the items for each category and it limits me to these 4 items. There are a ton of free printables on Pinterest, some geared to younger kids as well. 

Believe it or not, I'm almost done with my shopping. Having these guidelines makes the wandering aisles less and direct ordering so much easier. I feel like so much focus is put on the dollar amount of things and less about the thoughtfulness of gifts. The holidays should not be about all of this, right?! It should be about love, family, giving, and receiving. I know, so cheesy, but the holidays have become so much about buying and getting the best deals, I feel tapped out before the season even begins. So, my simple four gift attempt is my way for reigning it all in, in my little hive as best I can. Truth be told, my kids enjoyed figuring out their 4 items, a great lesson between wants and needs! 

The weather has changed, the decorations are coming out and dare I say that's it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Whichever holiday you celebrate, may you be surrounded by love and light. -xo


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