Sunday Word Sermon: Break the Rules

Happened upon this billboard while having a little day of shopping with my mom and it spoke to me. Normally, I'm a rule follower, maybe even to a fault, but with my style, it's my own way of expressing myself as I want to, not by what others think is right or acceptable. I love playing with color, mixing patterns, and combining old and new. Style is personal, unique, and should be a reflection of you, not a cut out of a magazine. 

was fortunate to be raised by a confident, stylish woman and a man who told me I was smart and beautiful every day. It's not lost on me how this shaped who I am. Confidence is never easy but every time I doubt myself whether it be in an outfit or a situation, I remember my mom always stylish, and my stepdad always the admirer. 

They were both rebels at heart. When I'm mixing leopard and stripes or walking into an event in my $5 thrift store dress and designer shoes, it's a nod to these two. One no longer here to tell me I'm beautiful, but the other to remind me when I need to hear it. 

If you have kids in your life, the best way to instill confidence is to love them for who they are and most importantly, love yourself. Celebrate you, celebrate them. Break the rules together. Happy Sunday. 


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