A Week of Pinterest Outfits, Day 1

Someone asked me the other day where I get my outfit ideas. It's truly a combination of my creative desire to express myself with what I have and Pinterest. Oftentimes, I will enter an item in the search bar and so many different combinations come up. For example, I took on the daunting task of cleaning out my husband's closet and before I knew it, I had to be at work. My hair was dirty and I remembered I had a brown floppy hat that could cover my mess and still make it to work on time. I put "brown floppy hat" in the search engine and found this image: 
I have a chambray shirt, back pants, and brown booties. Dirty hair problem solved in style! 
So, for this week, I will be recreating outfits that are inspired by Pinterest. If you're inclined, follow me on Pinterest, my favorite place to kill time and check out! 


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