Week of Pinterest Outfits, Day 2

A while back, my favorite thrift store had a beautiful tartan blanket scarf for a dollar. I bought it but could not quite figure out what to do with it because it was too big for a scarf and I just wasn't digging the whole poncho look. While cleaning out my closet, I found it and wanted to try again. Entered "blanket scarf" over at my beloved Pinterest and voila 
I loved this but knew my body type was a bit more full than this girls so tried this one instead
Now, I'll tell you, I went through all my belts and mumbled some bad words while trying to belt the massive scarf. Not an easy task! However, I decided on my glittery bow belt
This is probably not an outfit I'd wear much, but for a cold, snowy day like yesterday, it worked. Dollar well spent, I'd say! 


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