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Getting Through the Holidays After Loss

Two and a half years ago, I lost my little brother to suicide. It was mid-October when we said our final good-byes and each day after that was putting one foot in front of the other. The holidays came and I had no idea how I’d get through them, not only for myself, but for my children. I have three kids who were all close to my brother and I struggled with honoring all of our grief and providing them with a happy holiday season. It did not seem possible. My husband and I made the mistake of overbuying that year. There were so many presents under that tree, ones I cannot even remember buying, because we were so desperate to bring them some semblance of joy. In hindsight, we knew in our hearts if every toy in the world was under that tree, it would not change the fact that they were wishing for the one thing they could not have, one more day with my brother. We slogged through Christmas morning and visited with family the rest of the day. We all put on a good show. We smiled, we laughed,…

Short Girl in a Long Coat


Styling a Family Photo Session Around my Son

A few weeks back, we decided to do a mini session with a photographer. I take a lot of pictures of my kids but it had been almost four years since we had family photos done. We had the pleasure of working with a local photographer, Tracey Westgate. She was lovely, affordable, and we had quite a few laughs. I was both excited and dreading it for one reason, my son will only wear active wear. I'm not kidding. There are no button downs, no nice shirts, only athletic wear. Yes, I could force my child into a shirt, but I'm not that kind of parent. Being my third child, I've learned what battles to fight and to be honest, I don't want a snapshot of what I want him to wear, I want a snapshot of who he is right now.
That being said, there is one "nice" shirt and pants that he decided on wearing and I had to go around that outfit. The shirt was gray, the pants were burgundy. Totally workable.
 Rather than match the kids, we coordinated them. Each of them had a simila…

Trend Try: Romantic Ruffles

I'm loving all the blush pink and ruffles trending this fall. I'm not a huge follower of trends, but this one, I can jump on board. I'd argue that blush is a neutral, it can really be worn in any season and goes with so much. I lucked out and found this floor length dress on clearance. Could not resist.

DIY Halloween Costumes (and a Rant)

Has anyone been Halloween costume shopping with their kids and left feeling down and out because of the choices for their daughters? Yeah, me, too. I was in a Halloween store the other day and was appalled at the drastic gender differences in the "girl" and "boy" costumes. A police officer in the "boys" section looked like an authentic officer in pants, a hirt, and hat. However, the police officer in the "girls" section had a short skirt and high heel boots. When was the last time you saw a police officer in heels and boots. Yes, never, you're right.  Why must their be this difference? Why must a little girl wear a skirt when she wants to be a police officer? What are we telling her? "Yes, honey, good for you wanting to be a police officer but let's not let them forget you're a girl by showing off your legs and making it impossible to run in heels."  Why are we telling young girls that they can have anything they want, &qu…

Transitioning to fall

Fall in New England is one of the most beautiful seasons with the leaves changing and falling. Temperatures also begin to plummet, making the mornings chilly, the days warm, and the nights chilly again. Best way to deal with this is layering and having transitional pieces like dresses and jackets. This dress was a score at Forever 21 for $4.99 and I bought it because I knew I could use it in almost any season. I'm a huge fan of multitasking.

Young Scriptros Writing Classes

Young Scriptors Fall 2016
Middle School Experimental Poetry Workshop Mondays 4:00-4:45 pm In this session, we will expand our thoughts and experiment with poetry. Week 1: Blackout Poems Week 2: Roll the Dice Poetry Week 3: Concrete Poetry Week 4: No White Space Poetry

Grades 3-5 Poetry and Art Workshop Fridays 5:00-5:45 In this session, we will be using both art and language to create poems. This Week 1: Newspaper Poem Week 2: Paint Chip Poem Week 3: Best Part of Me Poem Week 4: Book Spine Poem
Classes are 4 week sessions, $80 October 28-November 18 Eastern Point Lit House 261 Main St, Gloucester, MA 01930
Writers only need to bring themselves, journals and other materials are provided. If interested, please email Meg Grant,


#Suicide on the Brain
Last week, a group of individuals from The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention donned their blue shirts and went to Good Morning America with the hopes of raising awareness of suicide prevention.They were not rowdy, they were not offensive, but in spite of this, they were asked to leave by a producer because they were told people don’t want suicide on the brain first thing in the morning. I have not been able to shake this feeling of discontent since I heard about this. I’ve sat at my computer and tried to convey how hurtful this act was to those living with loss and/or struggle because of suicide. But, as it always does, my hurt came out in anger and I did not like the tone of my own voice. I did not want to attack Good Morning America for what they did, but rather explain in a rational way why this simple act of preserving ratings was a very loud message that I cannot ignore. It is a message that so many of us that have either lost someone to suicide or …

Going Tropical

I don't know want got into me this summer but I went through a mild obsession with anything tropical. I just loved all the palm frond prints, bold colors, and bright fabrics. I may have gone a bit overboard, to be honest, I bought palm frond curtains, clothes, and bedding. At one point, I swear I felt like I was in an episode of Golden Girls!

As we bid summer adieu, these things will be packed up and the heavy plaids will return. This was one of the best summers we've had and we're working on eeking out every morsel of it this weekend. Have a great one, my friends.

Flatlay Friday: Comfortable, Cute, and a Collaboration

The internet is a funny thing. One day, while searching on Instagram, I happened upon an adorable shirt that I really liked. Come to find out, it was designed by a local mama business owner, Erica from  Honeybee Boutique. I loved her shirts and the design, but more so, I loved the message she was getting out there to fellow mamas. We all doing our best, whatever that may be and we are enough.  I reached out to her and found out that not only did she live in the same city, but she lived down the street. A friendship was born and I'm happy to share one of her new designs, Mama Bear, for Flatlay Friday.  This shirt combines two of my favorite colors, army green and gold. It is seriously so incredibly soft.   Paired with  my favorite distressed jeans and camo purse, I'm ready for a Friday full of errands. 
I should mention that this was not a sponsored post, I'm just really in love with this shirt and the message Erica is trying to get out there. For proof, this insert came i…

Oliver's French Toast

While grocery shopping one day, Oliver blurt out, "hey, I have a great idea for breakfast. Nutella and banana french toast sandwiches!" We were in the bread aisle and a warm loaf of challah was calling my name, so naturally, that puppy went into the cart. I mean, how could I say no to my little man's delicious idea.   If you've never had challah, you're missing out. It is a sweet, airy bread that melts in your mouth. For this recipe, I left the bag open for a day to let the bread go a bit stale, ideal for Oliver's french toast. Once it was just on the cusp of being a bit dry, I soaked it in an egg, cinnamon, vanilla, and milky mix for about five mintues, both sides. Plopped the slices on the griddle and the let the aroma fill the house. After they were just the right amount of crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside, I removed them and Oliver cut his banana, spread on the nutella, and made his french toast sandwich.
and, in Oliver fashion, he got a bloody…

Montreal Weekend Round up

The weekend before school started, we headed up to Montreal. It's a 5 hour drive from Boston, so we were game for a little adventure. The mister was playing in a company soccer tournament and we could not resist an opportunity to explore another destination and support one of our favorite sports. Please forgive my gritty phone pictures, I left my good camera on the kitchen table. 
My soccer star and offspring. The mister played all weekend, leaving the kids and I to explore Montreal (without Google Maps, my friends, I earned some stripes, let me tell you!)
We stayed at the The Hilton Garden Inn and it was fantastic. We are loyal to Hilton, as the mister travels quite a bit for work and we have about a million points, but this one was a favorite by far. The pool was on the roof with an amazing roof deck that looked over the entire city. I'm not going to lie, we spent 70% of our time here. I mean, seriously. There was an adjoining gym that was all glass so as I worked out my fr…