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Styling for the Gent

The mister was jet bound again but rather than stew in my own pot of pity, I mustered up my styling prowess and had some fun mixing patterns for his suitcase.  Flowers are not just for the ladies. Blue tweed coat, Target; floral shirt, JCrew; black tie and pants, Nordstrom's Rack.  Gingham paired with polka dots and stripes with a burst of teal. Almost exclusively from Nordstrom's Rack. 

In the way of thrifting for my man, I find it difficult. Most men hold onto things longer, thus making thrifted goods less desirable because they are worn or past their expiration date. I have a ton of luck at Nordstrom's Rack and Target, their clearance is always worth a glance. My husband is a tall dude with Superman long arms so Nordstrom's is one of the few places I can find him quality shirts. JCrew is also amazing, but I only shop their sales. Unsurpassed cotton quality, though, that is worth every penny. 
Fun with clothes isn't just reserved for women, menswear has come a long w…

Winter Skin DIY Face Mask

I'm one of the few people I know that loves winter. Yes, by March, I'm done but I revel in the bundling up, hunkering down, and the magic of fresh snow. However, winter does a number on my skin. The air is dryer, both inside and out, and my face begins to look a little lizardish. I've tried many store bought hydrating masks but this homemade one works the best.   Yes, it looks disgusting and yes, I'm double duty doing a deep conditioning  on my hair, hence the bag on my head. Back to the mask:  1tablespoon of honey  half an avocado  Mix together, leave on for 15 minutes, rinse, then glow.  Voila, hydrated and dewy skin.

Week of Pinterest Outfits, Day 5

I'm a sucker for plaid, I just love it. I'm blaming my Scottish roots. I've been on the hunt for a plaid skirt for some time, but could only find mini skirts, which this gal does not do. I was hoping for a midi length like this KateSpade, courtesy of Pinterest.  I love Kate Spade, but do not like the price tag. However, great style doesn't have to be expensive. Not sure I can adequately express my joy when killing time at Savers on a frigid winter day and I happened upon a pleated plaid midi skirt for $4. It's 100% wool and I fell hard.  A little #flatlay on my plaid bedspread of my new favorite outfit: thrifted tartan vintage skirt, thrifted French Connection sweater, necklace and boots from Plum Consignment.  I'm telling you, I have a serious plaid addiction. Mad for plaid, my friends. 

Monday Blues

Ugh, the first day back to work after vacation is rough. That alarm went off at 5:30 this morning and it was so hard to get up. Luckily, I laid out a cute number to break those Monday blues.  Cobalt sheer blouse with pearled collar, Plum Consignment Banana Republic blue suede shoes, Plum Consignment Pencil gray pants, thrifted $3. 

Week of Pinterest Outfits, Day 4

I had a cute number planned out for New Year's Eve, but I ended up staying in sweats all day and into the midnight hour.  So, today's Pinterest outfit is all about comfort. 
Favorite hat, Target. asymmetrical gray tee and jeans, Plum Consignment. Arm candy, Nordstrom Rack.