Styling for the Gent

The mister was jet bound again but rather than stew in my own pot of pity, I mustered up my styling prowess and had some fun mixing patterns for his suitcase. 
Flowers are not just for the ladies. Blue tweed coat, Target; floral shirt, JCrew; black tie and pants, Nordstrom's Rack. 
Gingham paired with polka dots and stripes with a burst of teal. Almost exclusively from Nordstrom's Rack. 

In the way of thrifting for my man, I find it difficult. Most men hold onto things longer, thus making thrifted goods less desirable because they are worn or past their expiration date. I have a ton of luck at Nordstrom's Rack and Target, their clearance is always worth a glance. My husband is a tall dude with Superman long arms so Nordstrom's is one of the few places I can find him quality shirts. JCrew is also amazing, but I only shop their sales. Unsurpassed cotton quality, though, that is worth every penny. 

Fun with clothes isn't just reserved for women, menswear has come a long way and it is so refreshing and exhilarating 😍when a man is out of sweats and looks like he cares for himself. It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, it can be done affordably. So, gents, retire the pinstripes and bust out a floral now and again. 


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