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Impromptu Photo Shoot

In my shopping travels, I came across a fur hat and fell in love. It was on uber clearance and although I had a few visions how to style it, I brought it home and it was too small for my noggin. However, it fit my little ladies perfectly and it immediately went into our suitcase for our Weekend in the Woods.  February is a cold, harsh month here in the Northeast but what I love about this month is the February sun. It is intense, nourishing, and soul electrifying. I find myself bundling up just to feel that sun on my face. I took advantage of the February light, grabbed the fur hat, and headed into the woods with my babies. The purpose of this post is to showcase how sometimes, the unstyled, imperfect, and impromptu moments are the most perfect.  "Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."~Dorothea Lange

Weekend in the Woods

My sweet middle child, Pippa, requested a cabin in the woods for her 10th birthday. By the luck of Airbnb, we delivered. Words cannot describe how much we loved this cabin. It was secluded, but not so much so that we felt isolated. We did not do much, which was the point of this mini vaca. 

My New Neutral: Olive Green

I have a thing for olive green, I just love it. The gorgeous February sun turned this olive green outfit into a brown one, but let me tell you, I was decked out in my favorite color. Truth be told, I have very little black in my wardrobe. Rather than turn to black for a neutral, I try to be a bit different and turn to other dark colors like slate gray, olive green, and navy blue. (Navy blue post coming soon!)
I think it is easy for women to fall into the trap of black because for so long, we've been told black hides things. I just hate that notion, really and truly. I'm not going to "hide" anything, I am who I am and rather than hide my "flaws", I'm showcasing my creativity and love for color by stretching the imagination of what neutral can be. Don't let anyone tell you how to dress, wear what you want, celebrate you! 

The Week From Hell

Where do I even begin?! This week was nothing short of shitty. Let me count the ways:
1. Antique front door window shattered, resulting in this beautiful cardboard replacement 2. High winds brought a tree down on our garage, causing major 🤑 structural damage  3. My brother's 18th birthday. Birthdays are hard, I miss him so much more because his birthday brings a flood of emotions that are not easy. Losing someone so young makes milestones like turning 18 so heartbreaking. The memories are one thing, but when the waves of possibilities come, my body explodes with sorrow. We had a long talk with the kids and they asked if it was okay that they never "got over" his death. My answer was, of course, we never will. Life will carry on, we will do our best, but this grief will always be a resident in our hearts and that is okay. Just look at him, there are no words how much I miss him, none at all.  4. My health. Ever since I had Pericarditis, my body has not been the same. My …

A Thank You Letter to Harper Lee

Dear Ms. Lee,
This letter is much too late. This letter of gratitude should have come to you decades ago, from my fifteen year old self. You should be reading this, well and alive, but instead, it your passing that has inspired me to write this. Upon hearing of your death, I was with my children at a restaurant and it came to me through a ticker on CNN. Then, a montage of photos followed and I nearly choked on my own sadness.
It is without doubt that you left an indelible mark on so many people with your book, To Kill a Mockingbird. I proudly consider myself part of that group. I read your classic when I was fifteen years old and it truly changed my life. From a young age, I've been a reader. Being surrounded by words is more comfortable for me than people. The way a sentence can both break and mend my heart is a high I cannot shake. To some, I spent too much time with my nose in a book as a child. But, I argue, the books are what taught me how to live. I met characters from wondr…

Ditching Foundation

I've been on the hunt for a good foundation for a while, as my favorite Chanel one was discontinued. I hate feeling like I'm wearing makeup, I hate the smell of it, and the chemicals freak me out a bit. (The U.S. allows way more chemicals than any other nation in our cosmetics.) I scoured Sephora and nearly drove the lovely consultant bonkers because I am so picky. He suggested a tinted moisturizer so I took a few samples home (always do this so you can try it for a few days). Some were too light, some not enough sunscreen (I'm a bit of a lunatic when it comes to sunscreen), and some just didn't feel right. However, I did fall in love with one,Strivectin Clinical Corrector Tinted Moisturizer. It's SPF 30, has zero smell and matches my fair skin perfectly. It reflects light in a natural light, feels so light on my skin, and moisturizes during this dry season. I'm one smitten kitten, my friends.

Since ditching the foundation, my sensitive skin has cleared up tre…

Mid-Winter, Early Spring Transition

It's that time of year when one day it can be -2 degrees and 50 degrees the next. I love and loathe this time of year. Love the warmer days with the tease of Spring,  but can't stand the melt and the mud. Oh, the mud. It calls for a lot of inventiveness in the way of outfits as every outfit must be worn with some form of boot, mostly snow or rain boots. It's all about layering pieces, too. Cardigans, light jackets, short sleeves, and long sleeves are in heavy rotation. I tend to mix in the pastels this time of year, too, as long as I have a nice dark color to balance and prevent me looking like an Easter egg. My 11 year old photographer snapped this one on a 50 degree day as we were headed up to Maine. 
Anthropologie jacket, Gap striped boat neck tee, Sorel boots all from Plum Consignment; jeans, Target; hat, J Crew.  While taking a breather in my room from packing the car--because really, nothing tests a marriage like packing the car--I realized I may have a thing for this …

Letting out the Bad Ass

A few weeks back, someone said to me, "your style is so cute and preppy." While I have no problem with preppy and own a sweater vest and loafers, I'm not sure I'd classify myself as preppy. I don't know, the two large tattoos on my forearm and the constantly changing hair make me feel not so preppy. Again, I have no issue with preppy, I just would never apply that description to me. And to be totally frank, I hate labels like that. So, today I worked at Plum and decided to be a bit more on the edgy side. My quiet inner bad ass was dying to come out.  Moto jacket, moto pants, camo tee, black boots, and my vintage Gucci with this ridiculous fluff because I love it. 
Figured posing by the Construction site next door added to my tough look 😉.  Kidding aside, wear what makes you feel good, no matter what "style" it is. Don't put yourself in a box, life is too short. If you want to be a bad ass, be one. Kudos to my budding photographer (a.k.a my 11 year …