Impromptu Photo Shoot

In my shopping travels, I came across a fur hat and fell in love. It was on uber clearance and although I had a few visions how to style it, I brought it home and it was too small for my noggin. However, it fit my little ladies perfectly and it immediately went into our suitcase for our Weekend in the Woods. 
February is a cold, harsh month here in the Northeast but what I love about this month is the February sun. It is intense, nourishing, and soul electrifying. I find myself bundling up just to feel that sun on my face. I took advantage of the February light, grabbed the fur hat, and headed into the woods with my babies.
The purpose of this post is to showcase how sometimes, the unstyled, imperfect, and impromptu moments are the most perfect. 
"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."~Dorothea Lange

She turned 10 on this day and this picture will forever be lodged into my brain on this day. My freckled golden girl

this picture perfectly captures the intensity of this girl, she loves hard, thinks thoroughly, and opens her heart wholly. I am so very lucky to be her mama.

I cried when I saw this picture on my computer because it encapsulates who this girl is, open and loving.


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