Letting out the Bad Ass

A few weeks back, someone said to me, "your style is so cute and preppy." While I have no problem with preppy and own a sweater vest and loafers, I'm not sure I'd classify myself as preppy. I don't know, the two large tattoos on my forearm and the constantly changing hair make me feel not so preppy. Again, I have no issue with preppy, I just would never apply that description to me. And to be totally frank, I hate labels like that. So, today I worked at Plum and decided to be a bit more on the edgy side. My quiet inner bad ass was dying to come out. 
Moto jacket, moto pants, camo tee, black boots, and my vintage Gucci with this ridiculous fluff because I love it. 

Figured posing by the Construction site next door added to my tough look đŸ˜‰.  Kidding aside, wear what makes you feel good, no matter what "style" it is. Don't put yourself in a box, life is too short. If you want to be a bad ass, be one.
Kudos to my budding photographer (a.k.a my 11 year old daughter)


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