Mid-Winter, Early Spring Transition

It's that time of year when one day it can be -2 degrees and 50 degrees the next. I love and loathe this time of year. Love the warmer days with the tease of Spring,  but can't stand the melt and the mud. Oh, the mud. It calls for a lot of inventiveness in the way of outfits as every outfit must be worn with some form of boot, mostly snow or rain boots. It's all about layering pieces, too. Cardigans, light jackets, short sleeves, and long sleeves are in heavy rotation. I tend to mix in the pastels this time of year, too, as long as I have a nice dark color to balance and prevent me looking like an Easter egg. 
My 11 year old photographer snapped this one on a 50 degree day as we were headed up to Maine. 
Anthropologie jacket, Gap striped boat neck tee, Sorel boots all from Plum Consignment; jeans, Target; hat, J Crew.
 While taking a breather in my room from packing the car--because really, nothing tests a marriage like packing the car--I realized I may have a thing for this color combination. 


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