My New Neutral: Olive Green

I have a thing for olive green, I just love it. The gorgeous February sun turned this olive green outfit into a brown one, but let me tell you, I was decked out in my favorite color. Truth be told, I have very little black in my wardrobe. Rather than turn to black for a neutral, I try to be a bit different and turn to other dark colors like slate gray, olive green, and navy blue. (Navy blue post coming soon!)

I think it is easy for women to fall into the trap of black because for so long, we've been told black hides things. I just hate that notion, really and truly. I'm not going to "hide" anything, I am who I am and rather than hide my "flaws", I'm showcasing my creativity and love for color by stretching the imagination of what neutral can be. Don't let anyone tell you how to dress, wear what you want, celebrate you! 

Outift deets: Hunter boots and Marc Jacobs gloves, Nordstroms Rack; camo leggings, Topshop sweater, sherpa jacket  Plum Consignment. Dog, mine :)


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