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Sunday Style: First Day of Spring

To ring in Spring, I donned some bright colors to help Mother Nature remember to kick the cold and bring in some warmth. As I write this, we are expected to get 4-8 inches of snow tonight. Ugh.  Let's talk about my obnoxiously adorable sneakers, shall we? Thirty percent off the sale price at J Crew, in the kids section. I adore them so very much. I'm craving color right now, from pastels to neon. Ready to celebrate Spring! May your Sunday be full of light, love, and sunshine.  Outfit deets: jeans, sweater, scarf: Target; glasses: Warby Parker; sneaks: JCrew 

Doubting my Motherhood Over the Trash Can

The other day, my youngest child announced that he did not think we needed the bath toys anymore, "y'know, Mummy, they are like for babies and I'm a big kid now." 
He's right, he is. He is six, no longer a baby who needs baths, but rather a big kid who prefers showers. I would love to write that my heart was broken because I was ending an era of my life of bathtub bubbles and wet cuddles. I would love to write that I longed for just one more child to fulfill a gaping hole since my baby was no longer a baby. But, alas, I felt none of those things. 
What did I feel? Initially, I reveled in the fact that I no longer had to clean the darn toys or move the basket when I mopped the bathroom. One less thing on my interminable chore list. I promise I'm not a cold hearted lady, honest. I love being a mother, it is the best work I've done yet, I do find fulfillment in it, and it has saved me from myself. But, its hard. Its thankless at times. Its monotonous. Its d…

Bringing the Bold to Daylight Savings

Anyone else feeling the pain of Daylight Savings Time? Thought so. It is painful, not only as a mother, but as an educator, too. The day after is not a vivacious day, let me tell you. Everyone, myself included is dragging through the day. A few years back, I decided to celebrate this day of extra light with bold colors in the classroom. Hence, my orange pants, crisp white shirt, and polka dot blazer. Still not sure if it works, but I let myself believe for two minutes that my bold attire brings some brightness and energy to an otherwise interminable day.  Now, don't get me wrong, it's lovely waking up in the light and having that extra bit of daylight at the end of the day, but I know you parents and educators feel me on this day! May every day of this week be full of color...

From Where I Sit

Virginia Woolf claimed every woman just needed a room of one's own to write. I partially agree, but mostly disagree. For decades, I never had a room to my own. I had a notebook and that was enough. Today, my space would not qualify as a room, but rather a nook in my dank basement. But, the location doesn't matter. I've made the best of the situation, filling it with things that matter to me, inspire me, and make me smile. In the event that anyone cares, which I'm sure they do not, and truth be told I have some writing deadlines looming and I'm a bit backed up with writer's block, thought I'd share a list: 1. My stepfather's Cross pens and pencils. They are heavy not only with the metal from which they are made, but with memories. He always told me that he believed someday, I'd be a writer.
2. A paperweight I gave my stepfather years ago, a picture of him and I in San Francisco, a favorite of mine.
3. My tea pot and my great grandmother's tea cu…