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Sassy Scriptor Snack Attack

I consider myself a connoisseur of snacks. Man, do I love to snack, but I also love staying somewhat healthy. This metabolism is not quite what it used to be, let me tell you. That being said, I try my hardest to quell cravings in a (relative) healthy way. 
A current favorite is Trader Joe's chili mango with dark chocolate raisins. I know it sounds odd, but the spice of the mango is such a nice compliment to the dark chocolate raisins. Growing up so close to Mexico, so much of my flavor palette is Mexican influenced. I remember, after junior high, going to the little variety store and getting these mango chili lime lollipops. My word, just writing about it makes my mouth water. This snack is fairly close to that lovely, spicy food memory and although I have zero desire to relive middle school, I do miss those delicious lollipops. Happy snacking!

Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up 1. We were on vacation this week and man oh man, it was so good. We did not do anything major, but just being off of routine was just what we needed. Lots of family time, ending our week with a Red Sox game, which was a blast.
2. My monthly article is over at Her View From Home, not an easy one to write, but an important one. (Click on link to read)
3. Let's talk about television for a second. I've been anxiously waiting for Catastrophe to return for the second season and I'm left feeling down about the way it went. I won't give anything away, but I just wish I could find a show that did not look at marriage and kids with such dread and obligation. 
4. Prince. Where do I begin? My first memory of him was watching Purple Rain, seeing the first nude woman in a movie with that flick, and his music. Raspberry Beret has always been one of my top 10 songs. It's usually blasting in my earbuds as I scrub the toilets because how in the world could anyone be…

Salty Sentiments

We finally had a day of pure sunshine so we headed to the beach. We watched the mister surf in the frigid water and I was all verklempt sitting in the sand. Let me explain...
The mister and I went on our first date (a.k.a. Keg party) 19 years ago today. Crazy how time flies and drags at the same time. I never, ever imagined meeting my other half when I was 18. It was not what I had planned, I was so eager to leave my hometown, start a new adventure, then this guy sauntered into my life. He was unlike anyone I ever met: up front, smart, handsome, honest, kind, and crass. Basically, all I ever wanted. We've grown side by side, supporting each other in whatever we needed. I gush a lot about him because he deserves it. He works his rear off, constantly makes me laugh at myself, is hands down the best dad ever, and always gives me the last bite of ice cream. We've been through a lot these 19 years and there is no other human I'd rather share this crazy with.

Casual Friday Outfit

Huzzah to Fridays, the last day of my school work week (I work Saturdays, too) which means jeans are allowed on this casual day. I came across this baby blue blazer at Forever 21 on clearance for $4 and could not resist. I had zero idea what I would ever wear it with but for $4, I knew it would be worth the money down the road. Paired with my obnoxiously bold sneakers from J Crew, an oxford shirt, and my dark skinnies, I knew I had a polished and put together outfit on the cheap for casual Friday.

Cheers to Friday, may your weekend be full of laughter and sunshine.

DIY Fruit and Nut Bars

I'm all about saving the Benjamins and eating healthy. Eating healthy is not cheap, I think we can all say an emphatic "amen" to that! A few weeks back, I decided to do a Whole 30 cleanse and snacking can be very challenging on that cleanse. (The cleanse has since been modified, as the stomach bug entered my house and ravaged my intestines.) I researched some recipes for homemade fruit and nut bars and decided to try one of my own. Recipe below.
What you need: Food processor or Powerful Blender (I use a Vitamix) parchment paper 2.5 cups of dates (pitted) 2 cups of lightly salted cashews .5 cup of raisins splash of pure vanilla extract
What you do: place all ingredients in blender  when it starts to clump, dump out on parchment paper roll out with a rolling pin or your hands cut into squares place in airtight containers place in fridge
How easy is that?! So much cheaper than buying the name brand fruit and nut bars. My kids love these and if I'm feeling extra nice, I u…

Bold Colors and Print Mixing

Still waiting on Spring in these parts but my wardrobe is ready! Had some fun mixing colors, bold prints, and patterns. By now, you know, I'm a HUGE fan of color. The brighter, the bolder, the better. Love that trenches are coming back (did they ever leave?!) and dug out my bubble gum pink thrited Ann Taylor trench this Spring. It's pretty dated, shoulder pads are still intact! For this post, I had an adorable 11 year old photographer and fellow 10 year old fashionista who decided to mix it up in her own way, too. As I was getting ready, my son said, "Are you sure that matches?" My daughter quickly replied, "Mummy can wear anything because she's confident."  That moved me to tears because I am confident in my style but I disdain getting my picture taken. However, because my daughter believed that I was indeed 100% confident I wanted to prove her right, so we grabbed the camera and headed outside. The scenario is probably not the most ideal for photogra…

Spring Trend Try: Gold Lamé, Lady love, and a Restaurant Recommendation

Gold lamé, I know, what year is this, 1982? Hear me out. I saw this mid length gold lamé skirt at Marshalls on clearance for $5. The previous day, while I was reading a magazine, I noticed a trend of lots of lamé on the runways. Not that I'm ever headed for the runway, but I love trying out trends in my own way. So, I shelled out the $5 with zero plans on where I'd actually wear this brassy number. 
Then, the mister went and had a birthday. We had a kid free night, so I busted out the lamé. I can't even tell you how many compliments I got from the ladies that were out and about that night. I loved it. Who knew a little goldy throwback would make me so happy. It's always awesome when fellow ladies tell you you look good because rather than compliment, some choose to tear another femme down when they look good. Let's change that, lady friends. Even if it starts with a $5 lamé skirt. 
On another note, if you're ever in the Cape Ann area of Massachusetts, go eat a…